30 Minutes of Torment

30 Minutes of Torment

Have you been a bad boy?

30 Minutes of Torment is the kind of gay pay porn site where you really feel like you are getting value for money from your subscription. This is brought to you by the infamous Kink studio. You will know their work from such iconic series as Bound In Public and Naked Kombat. This is a porn studio that really knows how to produce porn that no one else can. Van Darkholme is the man in charge and he is an absolute master in bondage and corporal punishment.

Kink has no end of eager volunteers lining up to be used and abused for the world’s viewing pleasure. They are fit, athletic, well built and horny. The dominant tops clearly know how to handle a willing sub, strapping them in, tying them down, restraining them, teasing them, showing them who is boss.

What you get

To access the outstanding content that Kink Studio has made available through the 30 Minutes of Torment site, you will need to create an account and register as a user.

There are three subscription membership options available:

Payment can be made by credit card or online check.

Content is updated every week and your membership also gives you access to user forums.

You can browse by the most recent videos added or you can search for specific scenes or models.

Kink also offers regular live shows where you can watch the action as it unfolds – that is money well spent.

Why we love it

This kind of porn is not going to be to everyone’s taste, and actually first impressions can be a little deceptive. This is sexy corporal punishment where the guys are hot and willing, and the discipline being served up is hard enough to be exciting but you can be confident that no one is actually getting hurt.

What I particularly like about these videos is the interviews that they do with the performers. Before the scene gets under way you get to meet the cute guy who has volunteered to submit to whatever the 30 Minutes of Torment team can dish up. You can then get to watch him squirm and squeal as his body is tested by to disciplines handed out and you see which ones get him hard and get him off. Then, once it’s all over you get an interview with the same guy talking about the experience. Invariably he looks exhausted but happy – saying that it’s the most intense and horny experience that he’s ever been part of. Seeing that look of exhilaration it makes you want to think that it is the kind of thing that you would like to be part of yourself some day. There is a page where you can apply to be a model, so it is perhaps worth thinking about. In the meantime I will have to satisfy myself with just jacking off to this super hot porn, watching these sexy guys getting worked over by strong, masculine, dominant tops, living out my fantasies while watching them on screen. Great stuff.


The Thirty Minutes of Torment site may be a little bit of masochistic torment for the guys who have been volunteered to have been worked over by the dominant tops, but for the viewer is an absolute pleasure. Sit back, grease up, and jack your cock as you watch these guys give it all just for you. Hot.


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