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Bait Bus Gay Porn Review

Can you trick a straight guy into sex?

There is something endlessly appealing about straight guys going “gay for pay” or, better yet, being tricked in to having some man on man sex and, before they know it, they realise that they actually love it. That is the genius premise of Bait Bus – lured by some cold hard cash, these straight guys think that they are going to be filmed having sex with a woman, but it turns out that they are soon having sex with a guy.

Bait Buss is a site chock full of amateur and reality content – the setting is generally a bus or a van and the action is filmed quickly and using hand held cameras. This trick of getting straight guys to agree to get on the bus and be filmed having sex seems to be fairly successful as there are hundred and hundreds of videos to choose from.

Bait Bus free videoWhat sort of footage is available?

The scenario generally follows a fairly familiar pattern. The bait bus crew are cruising the streets in their van, they spot a possible contender walking the streets, they make the approach, flash some cold hard cash and show him the woman that will be sucking him off. Once he’s in the the van, the victim gets blindfolded and before he knows it, there is a guy sucking his cock. At some stage the blindfold is removed and the truth is revealed – after a bit of initial shock and horror, the straight dude admits that he’s actually enjoying himself and before you know it he is fucking his new gay lover hard.

There is quite a range of guys featured on the Bait Bus site – generally they are fairly every-day looking kind of guys, the sort of guys that you would expect to find wandering the streets as you cruise around the suburbs of any big city. Mid-20s, fit without being gym freaks, attractive guys that you want to see naked and that you want to see having sex.

What you get

Bait Bus delivers you access to a huge range of amateur content for your enjoyment – literally an endless supply of straight guys being tricked into some man on man sex. This is perfect if you want to kick back and enjoy a bit of “me time”, scroll through the menu of videos available, find some guys that you like the look of and watch the deception unfold.

You have to have signed up to one of the membership options in order to access the content on the Bait Bus site. There are three types of membership subscriptions available: One day: USD$1.00 One month: USD$24.95 Twelve months: USD$119.40  Having a one day trial option is useful as it lets you give it a try at a very low cost and no risk.

Why we love it

Whether they like to admit it or not, every straight guy fantasizes about seducing a straight guy. These guys are hot and it’s kind of steamy to watch real footage of straight guys being seduced and then exposing these private moments to the entire world.
While the set-up can get a bit repetitive as it’s virtually the same script each time, just with different guys involved, the hand-held camera work and occasionally grainy sound gives a realness to the whole experience that is compelling. Bait Bus is also mobile.


This is the kind of scenario that you could easily imagine being part. Cruising around the streets, picking up a straight guy, and then tricking him in to letting you have your way with him.

If you like watching hot straight guys being tricked into having some steamy man on man sex, then the Bait Bus site is worth checking out.

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