Bound Gods

Bound Gods

Bound Gods Gay Porn Review

Tie me up and take control

Bound Gods is one of our favorite gay porn web sites. It is brought to you by the guys at Kink who are absolute masters of creating quality porn – masters in every sense of the word. What Kink does best is to take hot, fit, athletic, and masculine guys, and make them submit to total domination. There is something so incredibly hot about watching a strong, controlling top be absolutely in charge of a hot guy – tying him up, restraining him, and then working him over in every sense of the word.

The rope work used in Bound Gods is extraordinary – they really should be offering classes in how to achieve these complex restraints in your own home. In a lot of scenes, the hot sub is somehow swinging naked from the ceiling as the dominant top continues to torment and tease him, making every inch of his body tingle in that heady mix of pleasure and pain, before finally, eventually, the exhausted guy is allowed to cum. It is always a massive load of cum which shows just how much he has enjoyed every second of his torment.

Free video on Bound GodsWhat you get

There is a huge range of content available on the Bound Gods gay porn website, you’ll access the best public, butt machine, naked kombat, gay bondage and gay fetish content from the Kink Network. Updates are uploaded every Thursday.

There are four subscription membership options available, all including 6 websites: Bound Gods, Men on Edge, Naked Kombat, Bound in Public, 30 Minutes of Torment, Butt Machine Boys and Male Wank.

Payment can be made by credit card or online check.

You can browse the content in a range of ways – it is a simple to use and easy to follow site. You can look at content that is the most recently uploaded, or you can browse by the name of the scene, or you can search for your favourite models – this is the way that I like to find the scenes that I know will get me off. Once you have found the models that really rock your world it is nice to see them appearing in different scenes, restrained and tormented in new ways, being made to beg for cock, and being so grateful when they get it.

Why we love it

This type of bondage, control and discipline isn’t going to be what pushes everyone’s buttons, but if you have ever wanted to explore this side of your sexuality then watching a few of the Bound Gods scenes is definitely the way to do it. This is stylish and sexy, all done very safely, but with such a steamy sensuality that you know that you want to be that guy who has been tied up and tormented.

The great thing about the Bound Gods web site is that it also features regular live shows, so you get to watch the hot guys in action as it is actually happening. That is mind-blowingly hot and gets me hard just thinking about it.


This is some of the best gay porn that you will find on the internet: hot guys, hot sex, hot discipline. The Bound Gods gay porn web site also gives you the option of signing up to become a model and perform in one of their scenes. I am incredibly tempted. So very very tempted.


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