Bound in Public

Bound in Public

Are you ready to be humiliated

Bound in Public is about as good as gay porn gets. What you want from your gay porn is to enable your fantasies to explore a whole new level – you should be watching something out of the ordinary, something that you would not normally be able to experience in your day to day life. By watching quality porn you are vicariously exploring your own sexuality and desires. Brought to you by the Van Darkholme and the team at Kink Studios, the dominant tops at Bound in Public takes a hot guy, strip him naked, parade him around in public, humiliating him, and then they fuck him. You do not get any hotter than that.

What you get

There is a huge range of content on Bound in Public all available for your viewing pleasure. Over 300 BDSM scenes, over four thousand minutes of hard core video action, over twenty thousand photos, and the site is updated every week on a Friday with High Definition content.

There are four subscription membership options available:

Payment can be made by credit card or online check.

Not only do you get to log on and get off any time that it suits you, but your Bound in Public membership also gives you access to live shows. At scheduled times throughout the week you can log in and watch the action unfold before your very eyes – it doesn’t get any hotter than that.

Why we love it

I think it is because this type of sexual experience is so far removed from the type of sex that I normally have that I am drawn to it and excited by it. I want to be that guy who is roughly grabbed by a group of masculine men and made to pleasure them in every way possible. I want to be that guy who is stripped naked and paraded around the streets of San Francisco, being fondled and handled by passers by, all keen to join in the fun, I want to be blindfolded and not be able to see the endless line of guys all queuing up to fuck my ass and blow their load of cum all over my body. Bound in Public brings all of these fantasies to life and it is some of the hottest porn that you will find on the internet. The guys are super hot too – my favorite is Jessie Colter, that slut really knows how to enjoy having sex on camera, he seems to thrive on being used and abused by all comers. In my sexual fantasies I am Jessie Colter.


The good news is that when you are ready to take your sexual fantasies to a new level, to actually make them a reality, the Bound in Public web site has a link where you can apply to be a model. I have been looking at the form for quite a while now, debating with myself as to whether or not I am ready for it. Am I ready for the world to see where my sexual desires really take me? Am i ready to be publicly humiliated for everyone else’s viewing pleasure? Am I ready to be tied up, pissed on, forced to suck anonymous cocks, fucked relentlessly by anonymous cock, and covered in bucket-loads of cum? Am I ready for that? I think I am. I think I’m ready.


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