Dick Dorm

Dick Dorm

Want to join a frat house?

Ever wondered what it would be like to be a pledge at a US fraternity house? Well the Dick Dorm site takes us inside this mysterious world and gives us an insight into the trials and tests that today’s pledges are subjected to.

You may be skeptical – surely all fraternity houses in the US can’t require their pledges to take their commitment to male bonding this far? But (according to Dick Dorm) this is all “real user submitted dorm room footage”, so it must be legit, right?

Let’s take a typical scenario – three new pledges are hanging out in their dorm room. In come two of the older fraternity brothers with a challenge that they must do. They’re not allowed to protest, not allowed to ask questions, not allowed to refuse any instruction. First step is that they have to strip off their clothes. It can make you feel very vulnerable being forced to strip off your clothes, especially in front of people that you’re trying to impress. Next stage is usually something like having to kiss each other – this can often start out quite tentatively but with stern encouragement from the frat brothers the pledges relax a bit and the heat begins to rise. It’s impossible for the pledges not to get a bit excited by the energy in the room, seizing on this the frat brothers up the ante and force the pledges to their knees to service the cocks of the frat brothers and that’s when things start to get interesting.

These are athletic guys, college aged. Their a mixture of sporty jocks and nerdy twinks. Usually it’s the sporty jocks that take charge, and the nerdy twinks are the pledges who have to do whatever their frat brothers tell them. You want to join this fraternity? You’re going to have to prove just how far you’re willing to go, and you’re going to have to go all the way.

What you get

Dick Dorm delivers you the internet’s biggest collection of submitted dorm room pictures and movies – literally an endless supply of hot guys fooling around, playing frat boy games, and ultimately ending up with their cocks out – sucking and fucking and getting off. That is my kind of fraternity!

You have to have signed up to one of the membership options in order to access the content on Dick Dorm. There are a range of subscriptions available, from two days (USD$4.95; one month (USD$24,95); three months (16.65 per month); up to six months (USD$9.95 per month).  Pretty good value.

Why we love it

These guys are hot and the scenarios that they’re delivering are steamy, ticking every box for frat boy fans everywhere.  If you are really into amateur, user created and submitted videos then Dick Dorm will definitely appeal to you.  Of course the downside with amateur footage is that sometimes the camera work or the sound can get a bit shaky.  But I kind of like that – it ads to the realness of the experience.


The site encourages college students to submit footage of their own dorm room hijinks – with the potential to earn up to $10,000. That’s pretty big money when you’re a struggling student. And to think, I was giving it away when I was in college – totally wish I had filmed some of my escapades!

If you like that fantasy of being a new pledge, taken advantage of by your fraternity brothers (and actually loving it), of if this is just a scenario that you like watching, then Dick Dorm is well worth checking out.




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