Evan Rivers

Evan Rivers

Let’s go to Miami!

Miami has a world class reputation as a glamorous, sexy city – the weather is always good and the guys are always hot.

One of these hot guys is helping to bring Miami to the world by filming his sexual adventures (and those of his friends) and sharing them with everyone (for a small fee of course).

This is Evan Rivers – a sexy twenty three year old who lives in Miami and like to fuck.  The good news for the rest of us is that he likes to film these fuck sessions.

These video adventures from Evan are almost like watching someone’s holiday romance.  Everyone knows that the best sex that you ever have is always when you are away somewhere on holidays.  Somehow you are more relaxed, more confidence, and less inhibited.  You are meeting hot guys who are all there for the same thing – they want to have a good time.  Maybe that is just what Miami is like – a permanent holiday where everyone just wants to have a good time.  Sounds like my kind of place!

What you get

To access all of the videos that are available on the Evan Rivers web site, you need to sign up and subscribe. The web site is updated every week. This kind of video directory is perfect as whenever you are ready for a bit of “me time” (and if you are like me then that is pretty damn often), you can just kick back and scroll through the menu of videos until you find something that gets your juices going – load up the video, get naked, get greased up and get to work jacking your hard cock as you watch Evan and his buddies fucking and sucking in the beautiful and sexy world of Miami.

As the hot guys on your screen build to steamy sweaty climax and start to blow their creamy loads all over each other, you can happily push yourself over the edge, beating your cock to a frenzy, and join them in a hot sticky mess as your cock explodes and you cover your chest and stomach with your cum, running your fingers through it as you catch your breath and recover from your orgasmic high.

Why we love it

Evan Rivers is bringing Miami to the world – and we have to thank him for that.  What is great that by following Evan’s sexcapades you feel as if you are getting to know him as a person, connecting with his passions and the guys that he is meeting as he goes about his day to day life.

There are lots of different guys featured too – mature guys, muscle guys, skinny guys, athletic jocks, and sexy nerds.  Most of the time they are having sex with Evan, but sometimes they’re having sex with his friends too which is also hot.  Nearly all of the videos feature one on one action, but there are a couple of group scenes too which really rock.

The locations are also fairly varied – some take place in bedrooms and hotel rooms, but my favorites are the ones that happen outdoors, by a swimming pool (or in a swimming pool) or on the beach, rolling around in the hot stand.  Totally gets me going.


If you want to feel as if you can get to know one of your favorite porn stars, follow some of their adventures, feel as if you are watching actual episodes from their adventures, then the Evan Rivers website is definitely worth checking out.

Evan Rivers is no longer accepting new customers, but you can have a look to Lucas Entertainment


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