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Gay Revenge

Gay Revenge Porn Review

Looking for a way to get back at a guy?

We have all been there – you have been dating a guy and it has not ended well. Maybe he has dumped you cruelly, maybe he has treated you wrong, or maybe he has cheated on you. It makes you feel sad, it makes you feel mad, it makes you want to get even! Bring on Gay Revenge!

Gay Revenge is a site chock full of videos and photos that have been submitted by contributors to the site. Angry ex boyfriends have sent in material to shock and shame lovers that have treated them badly.

What sort of footage is submitted?

There is generally two types of footage submitted to Gay Revenge – it could be footage of the boyfriend naked or having sex in happier times. This is a good lesson in why you never want to agree to your boyfriend’s suggestion of “hey, why don’t we film ourselves fucking?” or “I just want to take a picture of you with your cock out – just for fun”. These types of videos and photos are usually accompanied by a comment along the lines of “check out his tiny dick” or “worst sex in the world” – naming and shaming. The other type of footage that is often submitted to Gay Revenge is to show how you have moved on and got something way better and hotter. So you have footage of the wronged party having sex with some hot guy, accompanied by a comment like “finally a real man” or “no more bad sex for me!”

The guys on Gay Revenge are quite a mixture, but generally trending towards the athletic, sporty jocks kind of look. There are occasionally some more masculine or older guys featured, but generally it is a good collection of smooth twinks and clean cut boys.


What you get

Gay Revenge delivers you a large selection of user submitted content for your enjoyment – literally an endless supply of attractive guys fooling around and getting off together. This is perfect if you want to kick back and enjoy a bit of “me time”, scroll through the menu of videos available, find some guys that you like the look of and watch the story unfold.

You have to have signed up to one of the membership options in order to access the content on Gay Revenge. There are three types of membership subscriptions available: Three days: USD$4.95 One month: USD$24.95 Twelve months: USD $7.95 per month

Why we love it

These guys are hot and it’s kind of steamy to think that you are part of someone’s revenge plans, exposing private moments to the entire world. The nice thing is that no one really gets hurt – everyone that appears in the submitted videos has to sign a release to confirm that they are happy for the video to be broadcast on Gay Revenge, so it is some nice fantasy role play, not actually destroying anyone’s life.

The site encourages guys to send in their videos and pictures in exchange for cold hard cash. It is pretty tempting actually – I am sure that I have got a couple of ex boyfriend videos tucked away that deserve to see the light of day!


Amateur, user submitted footage has the risk of being a bit variable when it comes to technical quality, but if you like your porn to have a bit of a reality edge then this is for you.

If you like watching amateur guys getting it and spicing it up with a bit of revenge in the process, then Gay Revenge is worth checking out.

This website is no more accepting members, so we suggest you to have a look at Lucas Entertainment


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