Ladyboys and Trannies

Ladyboys and Trannies

Want to try something different?

It is probably important to start this review by saying that the type of content that you will find on the Ladyboys and Trannies web site is not going to be for everyone.  But then if you have been intrigued enough to click on a site that says Ladyboys and Trannies then you will not be surprised (or disappointed) to find that this is a porn web site that delivers you exactly that.

To be honest this has never really been my scene, but I was recently watching a documentary on the ladyboys of Bangkok and the guys that love them.  A lot of the ladyboy loving guys didn’t really identify as gay, they were just totally turned on by the fascinating and intriguing package that a certified ladyboy or trannie brings to the table.

The performers in these videos are not just dragging it up for the camera – they are sporting some of the best tits that you will ever see in a porn video, but they still have all of their equipment downstairs and they are not at all afraid to use it.

It is a bit of a weird mind fuck to watch a hot masculine guy getting fucked by a sexy woman who has a rock hard cock.  It is different to watching a woman with a strap on or sex toy, this is a chick with a dick and she is fucking that dude – and he loves it so much that he is totally getting off on it.

Ladyboys and Trannies videos with the most beautiful trans

You can kind of imagine straight guys watching this, getting confused because they are not really sure what they are watching, getting turned on by watching the hot and steamy action on screen, and then being so intrigued and excited that they can’t wait to try something similar themselves.  Maybe this is a new gay recruitment technique?  Clearly, it is working.

What you get

To access all of the videos that are available on the Ladyboys and Trannies web site, you need to sign up and subscribe.

There are four subscription membership options available:

An initial trial period is always a good idea so that you do get a chance to see if this is the site that is going to get you off again and again.  If this is the type of content that you are looking for, then the most popular package is the monthly membership however the best value is actually the yearly membership as it works out at only USD$9.95 per month (saving you USD$20 compared to the monthly membership price.

Payment can be made by Credit Card or Check.

Your membership to the Ladyboys and Trannies web site gives you access to the entire 21 Sextreme porn network – so effectively you are getting access to thirty seven different porn websites for the price of one.

Why we love it

If chicks with dicks is what really turns your crank and gets you hard and horny then this is exactly the kind of porn web site that you have been searching for.  It is a feast of hard cocks but if you like tits then there are also wall to wall tits.  I guess it is kind of like the ultimate bisexual fantasy.


If you want to see lots of hot and steamy action of hot guys fucking sexy trannines and also sexy trannies fucking hot guys, then the Ladyboys and Trannies web site is exactly what you are looking for.



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