Live Jasmin Gay

Live Jasmin Gay

Talking Italian

A lot of the gay porn that you see on the internet seems to be operated by porn companies from the United States.  While the content being delivered will often feature Eastern European guys (usually badly dubbed or drowned out by a dodgy soundtrack with clunky subtitles), it is more common that our fantasies are fueled by American guys. Now I don’t have a problem with that at all – I can get off watching pretty much any kind of gay porn that I can get – but variety is the spice of life, and sex.
So I was intrigued and excited to stumble across Jasmin – an Italian web site.  Jasmin is a cam-sex site, you can log on and watch guys live on camera.  Jasmin also offers female performers and all sorts of other interests as well, but I was focused on the guys.

Hundreds of Men are waiting for You!

Not only are there a huge range of hot guys to watch getting and getting off (while you do exactly the same), but this is also a great way to improve your language skills.  Wanting to learn some of the essential Italian phrases? Vuoi scopare me? Vuoi aspirare me? Vuoi toccarmi? Ti piace il mio cazzo? Quanto è grande il tuo cazzo?  are all important and critical questions that you need to be able include in your conversations and be able to identify the correct answers.

What you get

While there are a lot of Italian guys on the site, not all of the models that appear on camera are necessarily Italian as they are performing from home so could be broadcasting from anywhere in the world.
There is a handy search feature that helps find the kind of guy that is going to tick all of your boxes – whether you have specific preferences regarding appearance, age, or language.  As you find your favorites you can add them to a list of preferences so it is easy to find the hottest guys whenever you need a bit of lubed up action.
These kind of cam-sex sites have a different payment structure than other subscription porn sites, there is no charge to register, you just need to buy credits which you then use to reward your favorite models or purchase a private show.

Why we love it

I really love live interaction with a hot guy that you are watching get hard and get off for the viewing pleasure of everyone who has logged on to see their show.  You can request private shows or just watch a public show, but either way you can connect with the models through video, voice, and chat messages.  Live sex, on tap whenever you want to watch – nothing beats it.
There is always quite a build up with the best performers – you can tell the seasoned professionals who are able to stretch out their video time for as long as possible.  Generally they will begin with a slow tease, stripping down to their underwear that we can admire their hard bodies.  It is always a real thrill when they finally remove their underwear so that you can see their long hard cocks ready for action.  Then they begin to stroke and jack their greased up cock – keeping it hard with a slow steady motion, pinching their nipples and making you wish that you were right there with them to give them a helping hand.  Some of the sexier guys know how to entertain the audience by playing with their ass, using their fingers to slide in and out and give themselves extra pleasure while pushing the viewers completely over the edge.

Hot Live webcam Gay chat!


Jasmin is a great example of a quality cam-sex porn site.  If you want a different way to get your gay porn fix then a cam-sex web site like this one is definitely worth checking out.


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