My Humble Sissy

My Humble Sissy

My Humble Sissy. Now sissy that walk!

“Sissy” has always been a derogatory, insulting term used to deride guys that are not as masculine as their peers, perhaps displaying some feminine traits.  It’s generally seen as a very negative thing, but for some guys it is absolutely a total turn on.

The My Humble Sissy site is dedicated to those masculine guys who want to dominate and control a weaker, softer, sissier boyfriend.

This is a niche that is described as “sissy kink” – it is a cross-dressing fantasy where the less masculine guy will wear women’s clothing and make-up, they will generally be humiliated in some way by the masculine guy, and then they will be forced to service the masculine guy – sucking his cock and then offering up their ass to be fucked and dominated by their man.

This probably is not a fantasy that will appeal to everyone, but there are clearly a lot of guys out there who are into this kind of stuff.  Whether you have always dreamed of trying on a dress and make-up, or if you have wanted to dominate and fuck a sissy guy – My Humble Sissy is probably the site for you.

What you get

The My Humble Sissy website gives you access to this unique and interesting content.  The scenes that are filmed have a dramatic, emotional quality that you don’t often get with porn videos.  This is quite a niche that it is exploring, but the website delivers exclusive and high quality content.
You have to have signed up to one of the membership options in order to access the content on the My Sissy Boyfriend web site.

There are three types of membership subscriptions available:

There is also flexibility in the way that you can pay, with options including credit card, online check, or payment by phone. Billing is discreet and secure. There is twenty four hour support available and canceling your subscription is easy and straight forward.

This is not the kind of content that you are going to find generally available on the internet, so it seems to be priced quite reasonably for access to such a large range of quality niche content that you can find on the My Sissy Boyfriend web site.

What is also interesting is that some of the videos listed are in languages other than English, but subtitles are available so you can catch all the dialogue and keep up with all of the action.

In addition, your subscription to the My Humble Sissy web site also gives you access to a range of bonus sites, including: She Sado Me; Matures Fuck Teens; Matures Under Boys; and Teens Obedience Lesson, so you are getting quite a lot for your money.

Why we love it

This is one-on-one, hard core action.  Each video includes a set-up whereby the dominant guy catches their boyfriend or fuck buddy playing with make-up or wearing a dress, and then clearly needing to be punished.  Of course that is exactly what the sissy wanted because that is what sissies really want – to be used and punished by a real man who will force them to suck his cock and take his dick up their ass.  Again and again and again.


If you like watching a bit of role play and getting some dramatic emotional content in your porn then this could be a niche that you want to explore.  Whether you are a masculine guy who likes to be in control and dominate the situation, or whether you are wanting to explore your feminine, submissive side, then the My Humble Sissy site allows you to live out those fantasies by watching these couples in action.


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