Papi Review

Papi Review

Who’s your papi?

Papi is a Central American/Spanish term that translates into English as Father or Daddy. It’s a term that you will often use to refer to your lover, just when you’re being intimate or when you’re having sex: “Ai Papi! That feels so good!” This website is devoted to solid papi action and the guys who love them. is a site chock full of amateur and reality content – a combination of photos and lots of videos. Great examples of papis and their boys having sex in all sorts of different locations and scenarios. Personally I have a thing for sex in the pool, so I was really excited to see lots of hot guys having fun in the water.

What sort of footage is available?

You name it and it’s here on – whether it’s couples, threesomes or group sex, there’s a lot of different scenarios for you to choose from as you are browsing through the big selection of material on this site. Locations include bedrooms, outdoor sex, nightclubs, and quite a few sexy pool scenes where the boys only pool party has clearly got a bit out of hand as the drinks have kicked in.

The general theme of is that it features older, masculine papis (daddies) having sex with less experienced guys (twinks or jocks). The older guy is generally in control of the situation, teaching the less experienced guy how things are done, sharing his experience with him in every way. In the group scenarios the options are endless – it could be one papi being serviced by two smaller jocks, or two papis sharing a twinky guy, or it could be a big pool party with lots of daddies and lots of jocks all getting it on.

What you get

Papi delivers you a large selection of real amateur content for your enjoyment – literally an endless supply of hot guys fooling around and getting off with their older papis. This is perfect if you want to kick back and enjoy a bit of “me time”, scroll through the menu of videos available, find some guys that you like the look of and watch the story unfold.

You have to have signed up to one of the membership options in order to access the content on There are two types of membership subscriptions available: Three days: USD$4.95 One month: USD$24.95 That seems pretty reasonable for the amount of content that you’re getting access to. One advantage of this site is that you don’t need a credit card to register – you can do it by phone.

Why we love it

Although the camera work is handheld, and the sound quality can be variable at times, these guys are hot and it’s kind of steamy to watch real amateur footage, papis and their boys exposing private moments to the entire world. You get the sense that these could be real couples, real people, having real sex, and really enjoying it.  The amateur feel to the videos adds to the realness of it all, but it’s not as polished as you might be used to with mainstream porn.

These are the kinds of videos that make you want to book that cruise to Central America and go and discover a bit of Latin loving.


The great thing about amateur footage is that you always half expect to see some people you know (well, at least with my friends I do). These are ordinary people just doing what comes naturally and sharing it with the world.

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