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Spank This

Spank This Review – Have you been naughty?

Spank This enables me to live out one of my top fantasies – to be bent over a big masculine guy’s knee, my pants pushed down to my ankle, and to be disciplined, punished, to be spanked until my ass cheeks are bright red and there are tears running down my face. I do not really know why this gets me so hard and excited, I guess it is that feeling of vulnerability, that sense that someone else is completely in control and delivering you pleasure or pain – or both together. This is a quality website and the scenarios played out in these videos are super sexy – the guys are lean, athletic, smooth, college guys. Usually the spanking action is one on one but sometimes there are three guys involved. My favourite scenes are where the sports coach is disciplining a rookie player on the team, taking his shorts town and teaching him a lesson in obedience.

What you get

The Spank This gay porn web site has a huge range of video action to choose from. You can spend hours just browsing through the site, looking for the guys that are going to catch your attention, to fuel your fantasy, to give you the material that you need to let your imagination run wild as your fist is beating your greased up cock in your extended jack off session.

There are three subscription membership options available:

Payment can by made by credit card or check.

One way to structure your membership might be to try the site for one month and then if you find that this is the kind of content that really rocks your boat then you could extend to a three month membership which will save you money.

Why we love it

The Spank This gay porn web site definitely showcases the sexy side of corporal punishment. It makes it seem as if spanking was what table tennis bats were invented for – they are the ideal weapon of choice when it comes to doling out justice, delivering a stiff hard lesson to a guy’s quivering but cheeks as they shake and wobble with each blow of the bat that you rain down on him – begging for mercy but really begging for more. You see it is clear that these sexy guys are loving the weird combination of pain and pleasure that is being dished out to them – their hard cocks do not lie, dripping with pre-cum you can see that they are aching for release, aching for the spanking to be finished, but wanting it to continue. I think my favourite bit of these videos is at the end of the spanking session when the guy’s bright red butt has some moisturiser applied to it to cool it down – as the greasy cream is applied to the but you can see the guy has a puffy hole that is slow loose and ready to be fucked that it would be a crime not to sink an enormous cock deep inside. These are sexy foreplay games at their absolute best.


The Spank This gay porn web site makes me want to misbehave, makes me want to break the rules, makes me want to confess everything so that I can be shown the error of my ways and be disciplined in the way that my ass aches to be disciplined. I want to be taught a valuable lesson by a firm hand holding a table tennis bat, prepared to let me have it until I can’t take any more, until my ass cheeks are rosy red and I am begging for mercy and a hard cock in my fuck hole.


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