40 Inch Plus

40 Inch Plus
Positives Exclusive models who have to meet the 40 inch plus measurements for their backside.The women are really great looking mix of amateur and pro.Access to Reality King's 40+ sites.HD Video quality.Mobile Version available.Interesting ass isolation shots that make a new spin on showing off the butt.
Negatives Not a lot of exclusive 40 Inch models.Some of the pictures are video screen shots.Some membership plans not immediately available on sign up page (example the 3 and 6 month plan).Not as well informed as the other Reality King sites.Unknown update time.
Resume The bottom line is if you like really really big bottomed women, you will love this site. The videos are crisp and clear and the women go all out to please. The direction of the video content really displays the ass of the women as much as it can. You also get the Reality King network if you have the full subscription which is a nice bonus especially since the content for this site is a bit sparse.
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40 Inch Plus Review


All the big butts lovers have to read read this hot porn review. 40 Inch Plus has a plain layout, but the models are anything but plain. The world famous Reality Kings produces this content and you know their stamp of approval is all over this site. You will see asses like you have never seen before, in all of their 40 Inch Plus glory. Some of the scenes will involved multiple women for a whopping 80 to 120 or more inches of ass for your viewing pleasure. If you are into asses, and I mean big juicy bounce-a-thon asses, then you need to keep reading. This porn review is about to detail one of the better hidden ass utopia’s of the internet.

40 inch plus review video40 Inch Plus is a big booty lover’s paradise

When you first log into the 40 Inch Plus site, it is hard to get away from the asses spread across your screen. Some of the asses have a tape measure around it justifying their existence in the 40 Inch Plus realm. The teased clips have everything to solo women, to doubles and even trios of women touching each other’s bodies and bending down for the camera and the man behind them.
The trailer to the site demonstrates two models in a swing with their asses firmly in place for exploration and their bodies for penetration. These women interact with each other with a hungry lust that will quicken even the most experienced porn lover’s pulse. I won’t spoil the ending to that video, but let’s just say I never seen pie eaten from a swing like that before.

The model page reveals a nice collection of amateur looking women, most of whom have a measuring tape wrapped around their derriere. The models do at least hit the 40 Inch Plus mark with some of the bigger models going toward 45 to 47 inches. Models like dark sultry Jazmine come in at shy under 47 inches while the pool soaked Kori barely smudges over 40.5 inches. There is a lot of variety in model looks to be had here and more than a couple of ethnic models are chosen like spicy latina Isabella Cruz, the ebony Angel Eyes and the oriental Olivia Winters. You will also see a mix of amateur girls with professional porn stars in the videos. For example the well known combination of Brianna Love and Gianna Michaels will be see next to the lesser known, but smoking hot, amateur models like Eva Angelina.

Each model seems to have her own video shoot and picture set that goes with the shoot. Here is a double edge sword for 40 Inch Plus as the pictures are sometimes just video captures from the shoots. This can work out great as a still frame highlight real, I mean who doesn’t want to see a voluptuous Eva Angelina back her ass onto a stiff one, but it a work against the site too since you can clearly see the pixelation of the still photos in part from the video capture source. This is a shame because the video quality is actually pretty decent, but some of the pictures do not match up that quality.

There is a note to be had here about content. The original models listed for 40 Inch Plus are only a handful of what you might see on another site. At last count there were 100+ models, all of them were gorgeous with huge booties and great faces to match.

What do you get with an 40 Inch Plus membership?

40 Inch Plus is great porn site for big booty lovers, but it is a bit light on content and there doesn’t seem to be an update count to be found on the exploration page. The big incentive to sign up is that you’ll get access to the 40+ site of Reality Kings network. The Reality Kings do have other ass orientated sites to offer and they host a variety of genres.

You get a lot of sites with 40 Inch Plus. Here are just a few: Captain Stabbin, Big Tits Boss, Round & Brown, 8th Street Latinas, Cum Fiesta.


To bone or not to bone, that is the question. If you are an ass lover and really love the big juicy booty, you should check out this site. Yes, I said the updates were infrequent at best and some of the picture sets were only screen captures, but the models and the videos make up a lot for what is missing. If you are into the Reality Kings, I would go for a full membership since you get their 40+ sites with it, but if you aren’t, then maybe a quick trial would suit you better. If you are into asses though, I would not skip this site. I can give you at least 40+ reasons to check this one out.

40 Inch Plus Discount & $1.00 Access

If you love women with huge 40 Inch Plus asses, then you really need to check this site out. They are partnered with the Reality Kings and come with a nice selection of side sites to sweeten the package. Prices are:


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