Burning Ticket

Burning Ticket
Positives 18 combined network sitesViewable on any platform and deviceUpdated daily
Negatives PriceNo free trial
Resume Love Bondage? This is the perfect network for you.
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Burning Ticket Review

Burning Ticket is a combination of eighteen sites. The network has a wide variety of sexual adventures but mainly sticks to the most taboo imaginable. The majority of Burning Ticket is geared towards feminine domination so these sites are not for the closed minded, or prudish. Because it is both risque and high quality the stars range from amatuer to the best around. Very hot and not so much. Whatever body style you are looking for you will be able to find. The age range is truly unlimited from 18 to what looks like eighty. They bring in every toy and are not afraid to use them on him, her or them.

Pics and Videos

All eighteen porn sites have both pictures and videos that are downloadable and can be kept forever. The sites are great quality, easily navigated and download quickly on basically any platform. None of the sites advertise they have high definition but I was unable to see why they are not. Maybe just an oversight on their part? There are also over four hundred bonus videos included in your membership. This site, or network of sites, cater to the user being able to view from home on a desktop, laptop or away on a tablet, Ipod or even a phone. With streaming videos, you can scroll to your favorite part quickly and easily without a long buffering delay. Zipped files are also available for no extra fee. Obviously making viewing time much faster.

Burning Ticket Network

This is a true site network. They do not have one site with many varieties or a single site masquerading as a network of multiple sites. When you become a member of one you are automatically a member of the other seventeen. They have daily updates, over sixteen hundred movies which total more than six hundred hours of porn and bonus DVDs. Some of which are in a gallery of zip videos making the downloading much quicker. Sites included are Ass Bangers Ball, Berlin Public Bangers, Tame that Bitch and Milf Sluts Gone Wild, and thats just to name a few. Each site in Burning Ticket network can be browsed before signing up and they run constant brief trailers to show you what you could be viewing (after agreeing to the thirty day minimum membership). They pride themselves on not having any shitty short clips and that all videos are at least twenty five minutes in length with some going on up to almost a full hour.


If you decide to become a member of one site after reading our review, they will throw in the other seventeen at no additional cost. A very good perk for those looking for variety. They do not have a trial membership but they do offer discounts, much like other sites, if you sign up for longer terms the price becomes cheaper. They promote it only being twenty seven cents a day but that is only if you sign up for a full year. There is nothing available less than a thirty day membership. They accept visa or mastercard and will also let you pay by entering your banking information. The site has been around since 2008 so you can be assured they are not likely to shut down during your membership.


The pics and videos are high quality as is the sound. The multiple platforms is a bonus for those viewing on the go. Being that Burning Ticket is a true network with eighteen sites, and they are guaranteed to be updated daily, you will never run out of viewing material. Everything is downloadable so you can keep what you like long after your membership expires. The payment options are minimal and do not leave any room for secrecy from someone wondering why you are paying for porn. I also think the price is on the higher side when you compare their sites to other sites. Must be to pay for all the choke collars and gag balls. Yes, twenty seven cents a day is very cheap but you will only get that price if you sign up for a year. Otherwise you must pay at least eighty four cents a day for a minimum of 30 days. There are definitely cheaper networks available but they may not have the same genre as these sites, so it may be worth it for you, especially if you are deeply into bondage and the like. I would be more willing to give this site a try if it did have a one day free trial or had a discounted weekly trial. As it is now you must sign up for at least 30 days. However, if what you are in to is BDSM than this is the network of sites for you.

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