Can She Take It

Can She Take It
Positives '- Different from the standard porn site- It specializes in big members- You gain access to other sites- Different scenarios, like contests- It caters to those who have kinks
Negatives '- There is a lack of variety with actresses- There is a lack of updating
Resume It’s got great videos of eager girls who are willing to do what it takes to prove their worth on this site. There are great actresses who have great boobs, body and booty, who know how to work a cock and take a good rutting.
Paypal yes

Can She Take It Review

Can She Take It is considered one of the best porn sites with membership and is presented by the same guys from MOFOs, and is a niche of MOFOs Network in that they specialize in big cocks only. This porn site is run both in the States and in Ireland, making sure both side of the pond can log on and get off and It has a different approach to your average adult site in that they like to test their actresses out by getting them to compete in various challenges (e.g. watermelon eating and hop-racing outdoors).

At first glance, Can She Take It seems to be fairly user-friendly, most of your usual favourite busty babes are within a click or two on their various tabs (Home, Girls, Videos, Pictures), ensuring you can concentrate watching your favorite porn videos. The content seems to be fairly genuine and i’d like to visit this kind of websites to write my reviews. Once you’ve gotten past that hurdle, you’ll be able to itch that big scratch in your pants- the girls you’ll see get pounded left, right and centre by cocks that look just impossible to fit. Videos can be downloaded in different formats, so that you can watch these girls take it wherever you go, and screenshots of whatever video you watch are available to download too, just in case you need something for the wank bank.
Can She Take It certainly doesn’t leave anything to the viewer’s imagination; it’s obviously referring to their actresses being able to take on super-big appendages. The actresses who appear are your favourite sultry housewives, who are begging for a bit of fun, new girls needing some older guidance, and picture-perfect girls who’ve got great stamina. For those who are looking for something on the wild side, Can She Take IT features WAM (wet and messy) scenes involving food-fighting. A bit of light bondage is also on there, making sure every kink is serviced. Girl-on-girl is pretty frequent on here, usually an older cougar initiating a younger girl into the world of love-making, or just two hot blondies making out, whilst one of them’s being royally serviced by the actor. Public humiliation, like spray-painting is a unique one I haven’t seen elsewhere- the girl sure looked like she was enjoying it all over. Many of the actors and actresses are Caucasian; it would be refreshing to see a more diverse range of actors from different ethnicities. Another downside is that the site hasn’t ha any updates in a few years, so what you see on Can She Take It is their entire collection. Fear not, there is more than enough material to keep you very busy for a while, I doubt it’d be possible for any viewer to finish viewing all those videos quickly, and who would? Why miss out on all the glorious footage of these babes?

Payment works according to how long you want to have the membership, Can She Take It gives you access to exclusive content and to 15 other websites, which is definitely a big bonus in anyone’s books. some of this bonus sites are PublicPickups and RealSlutsParty.


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