Positives Unique content. Never before seen girls. High definition.
Negatives No search bar on home page. Pricey for a small network with few girls. No ethnic diversity. No search option on home page.
Resume College Fuck Parties is a good site for you if you want to see hot, college co-eds getting kinky, frisky and downright dirty. The sister sites are pretty run of the mill with some unique content scattered through out. The girls are few but diverse and attractive.
Paypal yes

College Fuck Parties Review – Discover the college fuck fest

College Fuck Parties is one of the best paid porn sites for group sex videos and makes the kind of porn that makes you wish you were back in college and if you’re still in college it makes you grateful that you’re there. It reminds you of all the kinky possibilities of youth, of drunken keg parties and swimming in a sea of hot and willing coeds with naughty streaks and absolutely no inhibitions.

Free orgy video on College Fuck Parties

Part of the WTF Network

College Fuck Parties is part of the WTF network and they aim to release to the public fresh, amateur beauties and kinky, unique content. Membership to the network grants you access to 11 great porn sites. If you’re into amateurs, girls next door and fresh faces that you won’t see in mainstream porn, College Fuck Parties might be a good choice for you.
Production value is pretty solid. Their videos are shot in standard HD and are downloadable at different speeds, which is a nice touch. Streaming video for direct viewing is pleasantly speedy. They also offer mobile versions of their site for both android and iPhones.
College Fuck Parties catalogues themselves as having 500+ fresh girls which is less than most networks but they do have a varied selection of gorgeous ladies that range from cute to drop dead gorgeous. There don’t appear to be any big names here but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The women on these sites are still hot, sexy and clearly love to fuck. In addition to offering an option to search for girls by popularity, rate and recently added, you can also search for girls by tag or feature. This is not easily accessed as you have to actually click on a girl and be brought to her page before being able to view these linked tags and tagged features. There is no way to search a tag or feature on the home page.

Unique Content

As stated in the first part of my review, signing up to College Fuck Parties will get you access to the entire WTF Pass Network. That network is composed of 11 different sites like Dolls Porn and Porn Weekends. Most of the content on CFP is pretty run of the mill. Take its sister porn site Pick Up Fuck, for example. The premise is pretty simple and familiar. Horny dudes roaming the streets with a handheld camera scoping for a hot, fuck-ready girl. It’s a simple enough premise and often repeated because, well, it works. Who among us hasn’t fantasized about cumming across some little hottie that you just met and capturing it all on video? They do justice to the niche, especially since it transcends the crappy video quality of most reality sex videos but it’s not exactly unique. Then there’s Panda Fuck, another one of WTF’s sister sites. If you’re a little unsure about where this is going, it’s okay, I was, too. When you click on the link you’re brought to a page that reminds you what the WTF stands for,because you’ll be asking yourself that. However, upon closer investigation, you’ll see it’s kinda hot. The girls are the sexy, kinky naughty types that you wouldn’t be surprised to live next door to and their bodies are soft, tight and bangable. The sex scenes always start out with the hottie engaging in some naughty solo play before getting down and dirty with the real star of the show, a giant, stuffed Panda! Where else are you going to find videos showing teen cuties getting banged by a huge horny toy panda? This site alone is almost worth the price of admission alone.

What Does Joining Get You?

Becoming an all access member of the WTF network gets you into all 11 sites. You get access to 568 fresh-faced and amateur girls in 1,591 scenes spanning 1,063 hours.

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