Positives The models are gorgeous and vocal.The shoots are mostly with amateur women but the video is semi-professional.
Negatives The website front page leaves a lot to desire.There really isn't a whole lot of content listed.The prices are high vs what is shown to be offered.
Resume The bottom line here is if you are someone looking for college aged women in scenarios of getting down and dirty with rich (sometimes) older guys, then this is the place for you. I have mixed feelings about this one. The models are stunning but the website looks like someone pasted it together with dreamweaver from 1995. It is worth a quick trial period, but I don't see this one being much beyond that.
Paypal yes

College Sugar Babes Review

College Sugar Babes is one of the best paid porn sites for fresh girls in sex videos and offers great looking models all in need of money for tuition. With the rising price of education, who can blame them. One thing is certain though, if you look at some of these models in action, education costs are not the only thing that will rise.

Free college sex movieI wish paying my tuition was this fun.

Let me just say I am a huge fan of what this site has to offer. The premise is pretty simple, the models are in college and they need help paying tuition, so they turn to College Sugar Babes and hook up with guys who have money and cocks to spare. So far, so good. Not overly original of a premise, but what is on the internet these days? The site uses amateur models that I have not seen before plastered all over other sites. This is part of its huge strengths. The models are fresh faces (until the guys get done with them) and they all have great tight bodies. The acting is not too bad either. I am sure some of us rather see these amateurs cast in Sharknado than Tara Reid any day.

When I say these models can act and they are hot, I am not doing the models justice. For example the cherubic faced Mae Olsen stars in a video. I cannot accurately describe how hot she is in a woman next door sort of way. She is hot even beyond neighborly crushes. This mousy woman walks into the hotel room and seduces the man to give her more than just college tuition. If the woman next door is not your type, then maybe the completely busty hot blonde styling of Darcy Tyler might work for you. In her movie, she uses her perfect breasts to wrap around her benefactor’s cock and almost gets stabbed through the chin by the vigorous force.

What do you get by subscribing to College Sugar Babes?

Unlike other sites that offer a network pass to greatness, College Sugar Babes seems to offer content only for College Sugar Babes. This could be correct or it could be the faulty design of their website. Again, I will repeat myself, the quality is excellent. Everything from the models to the video quality itself, but the website and the quantity of videos left me scratching my head. In a time of the network pass, it is really strange to see a website not offer anything beyond the models present.


To sum up my College Sugar Babes review, it might be easier to tell it in an analogy. This porn site reminds me of the pretty hot woman you went to school with or grew up around. The one that could have anything she wanted in life, but chose to get pregnant and drop out. That is this site, currently, in a nutshell. It has so much promise and could easily dominate the market with their amazingly hot models and great quality, but it fizzles with lack of content and a frustrating website design. With that being said, there are a lot of hot first timers here ready to please their man in order to pay their way through college. Some are quite shy at first, but warm up nicely. Others are a lot more forward in what they will do for that money. All in all, the end product is the same namely smoking hot women going down and bending backwards as they make their way through college.

College Sugar Babes Membership & $1.95 Access

To join College Sugar Babes, you will need a credit card or a checking book, or a bitcoin account. That’s right, just like a few of the major sites, College Sugar Babes now accepts bitcoin, so all you techno savvy people out there, you can now put those puppies to good use.


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