Danske Par

Danske Par
Positives Beautiful chicks. Quality amateurs. Unlimited download and streaming. Exclusive contents.
Negatives Access page not in english.
Resume Excellent Danish porn site where you can watch hot amateurs of this cold country going wild and getting at each other in front of the camera. Beautiful chicks and great actions inside!
Paypal yes


The DanskePar is a Danish porn site, where you can watch hot amateurs of this cold country going wild and getting at each other in front of the camera. The introductory promises are great, but as every porn site, this one also needs a thorough look to make sure that it’s worth the membership fee. At first glance the DanskePar seems to be an authentic Danish site, with cute girls in varied intercourses, and it seems to be that at the second look, so authenticity is checked. What about the exclusivity? Well it’s quite sure you never saw these couples and these videos anywhere else, so it’s safe to assume that the content is quite exclusive, and the fact is that the scenes are really made in Denmark. As for the girls, they are rather varied, you can see skinny girls with perky tits but awesome asses, but there some real pornstar-like chicks too, and you may find some chubby sweeties too. The sex happening in the scenes is diversified and it seems that the couples are really amateurs, though you should know that the quality used to capture them is not, and there is another man in the room (or there may be a whole crew) who is capturing the scene. This way you can also be assured that it’s not shady-shaky POV porn, shot in a lad’s dark bedroom. When it comes to porn site membership, one of the main things that come in mind is what you receive as a bonus, since everyone want something good for their money and they want a lot of it. The DanskePar is a member of a network called Sex Ad Gang, which consists of 12 porn sites, featuring only Danish amateurs and Danish pornstars. You can find among the sites some with real hardcore porn, as well as solo series, group sex, anal porn and other juicy stuff.

Danish milf movieDesign & Features

The DanskePar seems to be a good site when it comes to content, but it’s essential to take a look at the usability and features of the site. At your first visit you land on the tour page of the site, and you may be shocked for a moment, since the verification page is not in English. Don’t despair, just click on the big red button, and the tour itself is in English. So, what you can do here? You can browse through the screenshots and then decide to join or not. The site promises unlimited downloads and streaming and it seems to be true. All videos are downloadable so you can build your own collection of hardcore scenes of Danish couples. There are picture galleries too, that you can browse in the members’ zone or save for your own pleasure or collection. The DanskePar has no mobile version, though the desktop page loads fast and works well on smart phones and tablets, so with the right gadget and browser it won’t be a problem to use the site, until a mobile-friendly version is made.

Girls & Videos

These Danish women are surely the most beautiful in the whole world! On DanskePar you will have the chance of enjoying amateur content with only the best Danish couples. Both the women and the men look good and the sex scenes are natural, because the boys and the girls love each other’s! Adia is probably the best starlet from DanskePar. She is a gorgeous blonde, with long blonde hair and with a great slim body. Like all Nordic girls she has big melons and her blue eyes are just fantastic. That woman has an incredible ass and all the scenes with her will make you so horny! Watch her suck the big dick of her boyfriend and you will be amazed about her deepthroating skills! The super brunette Aliza is another chick from DanskePar that will make you so excited. That very fresh woman is truly amazing! She has such smooth skin and she has the face of a fallen angel. She is a beauty and she loves to fuck with her man, while the camera is on. She screams so loud when she has a cock in her ass and she likes to fuck for hours, without a break! Aliza loves cum and you will see some great cumshots on her face. On DanskePar you can see much more than girl on boy action. There are a few lesbian couples on this site that will give you some unique girl on girl action. The threesomes from DanskePar are gorgeous, because what could be better than seeing 2 busty blonde beauties fucking with a very lucky guy? There is a lot of excitement on this website and all the High Definition clips will give you countless nights of pure pleasure and, of course, some big orgasms! All these European chicks have amazing curve and you will fall for their perfect body shapes. It’s always an amazing experience to watch these sluts taking mouthful of cum after a hard fuck and you can also see them cum swapping in some threesome sex videos. These girls want to play with fat dicks all day long. You will find only true gorgeous women on DanskePar and you must see them all if you are expecting something special from a good porn site!


The couples on DanskePar are looking very good, and they are very eager to get on with the action. At the beginning of the videos they are interviewed, and after a few minutes they start kissing, teasing and do some foreplay, then they really go on with the actual sex. The videos are in good quality, they all give a very enjoyable playback experience. The membership fee may seem a bit steep, but you should consider that you get access to a whole network for the price, and if you like hot European girls, you should give a site (and the network) a try, even for only a month.


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