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Dare Dorm
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Dare Dorm Review


Dare Dorm is one of the best paid porn sites for fresh girls in college porn videos. College is known as the place where education and self-identity go to die. And it’s also known as a swinging place with swinging bits. This is where Dare Dorm comes in. Dare Dorm is not only one of the best paid porn sites, but it’s the place to be if you like college girls and boys who’d make Dionysus proud (while not knowing who Dionysus is because a college education is pathetic). That’s right. This is truly one of the great places to find orgies, orgies, and more orgies. Did I say orgies?

Free dorm sex movieQuality

According to Dare Dorm, all of the footage is user submitted. This means that there are shaky camera angles, poor lighting, bad sound, and one chick who won’t shut the fuck up because being loud is the only way she has of validating herself. I wish I could say that Dare Dorm is shot in stunningly spectacular HD, but it’s not. The footage is sort of like the famous Bigfoot footage. Except it’s zoomed in and there’s no Bigfoot. A lot of it seems to be shot on someone’s phone. Maybe a strand webcam mounted somewhere while the girl is mounted somewhere else. If you like this sort of thing, then look no further. Dare Dorm is for you.


As you can guess from the title, Dare Dorm is about college students. College students skipping classes to suck dick, have their assholes torn open like weathered tarp; all the while generally causing the destruction of romance. There aren’t any original premises. But you can forgive these kids after all. They’re in college. You’ll go crazy as these girls suspend themselves from bunk beds while these drunken guys shove their collective wee wees forcibly in the girls’ mouths. You’ll laugh as the boy and girl are studying. The boy casually drops the pencil, the girl picks it up, and oops a daisy, suddenly his throbbing hard member is smiling in her asshole. Dare Dorm loves to make you laugh. Because porn is light hearted. It’s frothy entertainment that you really don’t have to think about. Dare Dorm is really into young college co-eds, too. Who doesn’t love women in the 19-21 age bracket, right? No one that’s who. And if someone hates it, then fuck that person. That person’s a loser. And you don’t want to know them. As one of the best paid porn sites available today, Dare Dorm makes it a top priority to feature only the hottest, tightest, tannest, bleachingly whitest teethed girls. No fatties, no dwarfs, no Grandmas. Unless it’s a Grandma in her 60’s going back to school to improve herself while getting a little physical action on the side. Then that’s just inspiring. And what purpose would porn serve if it weren’t wholesome and inspiring? You’ll love Dare Dorm. With hundreds of porn videos and hundreds of girls, you’ll have hundreds of heavy wanking sessions.


Dare Dorm has tons of pros. There are a million reasons why you should become a member. I won’t list them because a.) That would be too much, b.) These reviews have specific formats, and c.) Math has never been my strength. Seriously, I failed Algebra three times. I even caused my ex girlfriend to flunk the same class because I forgot to bring her assignment that she let me copy the day it was due. But you don’t have to worry about me or her or Dare Dorm, because Dare Dorm won’t fail you. The layout is kinda cute. Kinda loose academic. But if you’re a scholar you’ll love it just fine. It looks like it was made by college students. It has a certain kitschy sensibility that hooks you right in. And as mentioned before, there are hundreds and hundreds of porn videos. All the girls are hot. So you don’t have to worry about inadvertently participating in what I call “gamble porn.” It’s like spinning the wheel on The Price is Right- You never know where the arrow is going to land. You might get a shitty prize, you might chance a fat chick fingering herself with a whole Genoa salami. But Dare Dorm will not let this happen. So this is good news for you. Membership is okay¬†and porn is not porn if it’s not filthy, disgusting, badly filmed, and depraved. Membership starts off at a somewhat pricey $9.95 for six months. But when you factor in the 60% savings you’ll be getting, the return on your investment is the gift that keeps on giving.


The filming isn’t the greatest. The premises are uninspired. And it’s college porn. So while you’re beating ye olde flesh weasel, you’ll have to endure the drunken chatter of the loud bitch I mentioned under the Quality column. But don’t let that deter you. After all, Dare Dorm is one of the best paid online porn sites. It needs to be said and it can never be said enough, the girls are hot. So hot that you’d have to wear a pair of oven mitts to grope their asses. Unfortunately, not all of them have great asses. Some of the asses look like a crate of papayas subjected to a firing squad. That’s one con. Other than that, Dare Dorm doesn’t have many cons that I can think of. Sign up today!



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