Dirty Doctor

Dirty Doctor
Positives Sexy girlsFun ideaDoctor keeps at it
Negatives Really? 800+ times I thought he was stopping
Resume This is a fun site that takes an ordinary routine examination and makes it into a fun sexual fantasy. That idea will never get old.
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Dirty Doctor Review – Time to Go to Medical School

Have you ever wondered what happens when a girl goes to a gynecological exam? I didn’t used to, but now I sure do! I mean, what I wouldn’t give to be the fly on the wall while they get their pussies spread open for all the world to see. Now that is what I call a great fantasy. Wouldn’t it be great if that idea could be translated into porn? Well, of course there is a site for that, right? Yes, and it’s called dirty doctor. free porn video

The Doctor is In

I’m not talking about Doctor Who either. This doctor is a dirty old pervert, who loves showing his first time patients what a gynecological exam is all about. Now I’m sure, most exams don’t involve a girl stripping down naked, sucking cock, and getting fucked in the ass, but that’s what he tells his ‘patients’ (On a side note, if they do, I really have been missing out). These first time patients come to see the doctor for a regular exam, and quickly learn what their pussies can really do. In most of the videos they learn it multiple times. I have to say, for anyone who loves medical porn this site is the one to visit.

Pictures and Videos

We aren’t talking one patient and one story – even though the idea repeats itself. (Girl comes in for exam, girl gets fucked, everyone is happy.) This site manages to do the same theme over 800 different times. There are over 548,000 photos and over 3000 30+ minute xxx videos. That is one dirty doctor! Before every video he says he will stop doing it, but he can’t help it because the girls are just so attractive. When they show up in their short miniskirts, and show him their pussies, what is an old horny man to do? I can’t say I blame the guy, and I can’t be anything but grateful for sharing.

Download it All

This site has over 5000 gigs of content. Can’t watch all of that at one time? I can totally understand that. It’s a good thing the site includes fully downloadable videos. Watch them online, or download them to your favorite device and watch them when you please. You don’t even have to watch the same thing. The over 800 different models will keep you plenty occupied. However, if you do manage to get through them all, the site has updates that will bring you even more.

Scheduling a Visit? Get a $1 Porn Pass

Being a part of the Dirty Doctor’s escapades is actually quite easy. The site has the following porn membership options, all including the TeenMegaWorld network, with 30+ sites like AboutGirlsLove:

You can pay with credit card, check or PayPal. With your membership you receive unlimited downloads as well as access to 50 other sites. That’s right, I said 50. These include Watch Me Fucked, a POV style site, Anal Angels: beautiful ladies getting anal fucked, and Creampie Angels.

Doctor Visits are Fun Again

Before I found Dirty Doctor, I wasn’t too excited about the idea of gynecological visits. In my mind, they were about exciting as my doctor visits. Now thanks to this amazing site, this has all changed. I can think of beautiful females getting fucked silly by an old dirty doctor. I can imagine their legs open begging for more, as he happily delivers. I can daydream about being that doctor, filling all of their holes. Best of all, because of this site, I have developed a new found appreciation for doctors, and wouldn’t mind being one myself. In the meanwhile, I’ll have to indulge in what the dirty doctor has to offer.



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