Positives Beautiful asian girls and exclusive xxx videos
Negatives No ebony girls
Resume Erito includes access to a wealth of adult movies from around the world and that modern erotic favorite - live webcams, only this time with all Asian girls. That’s a lot for a very reasonable price.
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Do you love Asian girls? Actually, don’t we all love them? If you do, then Erito is the site for you with over 150 hot Japanese, Korean and other Asian girls for your pleasure. But Erito is more than just photos and movies of girls, it’s a collection of five sites each with its own special focus – costume play (who doesn’t fantasize about super-heroines or professionally dressed women getting it in every opening?), cheeky fresh chicks, maturely ripened MILFs, the best of the best Japanese adult video stars, and achingly adorable wee girls.
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Asian Girls!

Asian girls with their ever desirable innocent faces and slim bodies are favorites among men the world over and Japanese girls, in particular, appear to have a real interest in exploring their desires by showing, and daring, all in erotic movies. In Japan, there seems to be an inexhaustible supply of fabulous fresh chicks lining up to show us how raunchy they really can be. Erito has taken a large slice of those line-ups and made them available in over 40 different categories, ranging from Anal through Gangbang to Pigtails and ending with Uniform. Of course, there’s also a category for almost every letter in-between.
All Erito’s movies are HD and all can be streamed to your PC and portable devices, though it wouldn’t be wise to watch them in too public a place. These girls really go! An excitingly surprising category for Asian girls, who are famous for their daintiness, is big tits. The Big Tits category has the most scenes available of any of Erito’s categories, perhaps because of the novelty value. Who knew Asian girls could excel in full, round bodacious breasts too? Of course, in the opposite Boobs category, we see, and almost feel as they fondle themselves, the beautifully formed, hand-sized, breasts we love to see on Asian chicks.
With so many models, so many categories, and a choice of specialty websites, Erito is a 24/7 cornucopia of sexual delights, including the one Japan added to the world’s pleasures – bakkuke, where a suitably submissive miss encourages a group of men to cum over her face and naked body. The girls really enjoy this kink, as you’ll see if you sign up. Closely related to Bakkuke are the Blowjobs and Handjobs categories and Erito has hundreds of these scenes too, featuring the sexiest chicks anywhere.
For those who like to see pussy hidden in its natural Hairy lair, there’s plenty for them to drool over on Erito. As there is for those who like to see that sweetest of orifices in all its naked glory. Speaking of hair, Pigtails get their own special category for lovers of that perky, flirty style and nobody does it better than the Japanese. Just picturing those demure faces with pigtails, ponytails, and bobs takes us all back to our own youthful days.
Speaking of days gone by, one kink synonymous with Asian girls is the Classroom look and Erito has just that category. Japanese girls in particular seem to have been formed to wear short skirts, white blouses, white socks and a blazer no matter what age they are and Erito has plenty of movies of them in this and other equally alluring uniforms. Classroom and Office scenes, where smartly-dressed hot girls get their greedy pussies and mouths well filled, sometimes both at the same time, are all there on Erito. They get their insatiable appetites met as do we, their happy viewers.
Other categories include:
Cumshots, with butter-wouldn’t-melt-in-her-mouth faces being liberally splashed with hot cum by their eager lovers
Massage, where demure Asian ladies rub the stress and cum out of happy clients for our voyeuristic pleasure
MILF, where horny Japanese moms work off the frustrations of their busy day with eager partners, showing us they’ve learnt a lot through the years
Stockings, for those of us who like to see women wearing nothing but socks or stockings, which makes their nakedness even more obvious from the stark contrast of dark material on honey-gold flesh
And one where fresh but legal Japanese chicks remind us all why we find youth so beautiful, particularly when they’re flirting with their hair, lollipops, pretty accessories, and — us
Bondage and female submission fans aren’t forgotten on Erito either. The Fetish category has plenty of original content, leather and latex while their Geisha category caters for those of us who’ve ever dreamt of that gracefully obedient servant girl pandering to our slightest or dirtiest whim. In addition, Anal, Gangbang, Toys and Threesomes’ movies provide lots of tight Asian pussies and bum holes being stretched and tortured, in the nicest possible way, for our delight.
With so many girls and so many different kinks and all at so low cost, Erito really does have something for everyman — and woman too, if she’s so inclined.

What Does Erito Cost?

Erito has a number of plans to suit every pocket, starting with a 2-Day membership for just $1. However, the site’s most popular plan is the one-month membership at about $30. Next step up is a three-month package at nearly $20 per month ($60), which can be extended every 3 months. The most economical package is the one-year at only $10 per month or a one-time payment of $120.00.
Membership of Erito allows access to all their sites from your PC, tablet or smartphone so you can take it with you wherever you go.



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