First BBG

First BBG
Positives Big selection of exclusives threesome videos with a very good quality
Negatives Few black women in action
Resume Pay porn site 'First BBG' is the place to be if you love threesome: thousands of videos all captured in high quality, and the environment they are shot is clean and bright, so you can see everything you want!
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FirstBGG is a rather new site that offers the members and the visitor’s good threesome sex, in high-quality porn movies. These threesomes are recommended especially for those, who like girls better, and they share the opinion of many men: the more pussy is on the screen, the better the experience. On the FirstBGG you can enjoy the videos, where two girls are sharing a cock; they suck and ride it just like they were doing this for their whole life. Another very tempting thing about this site is that it’s not a big studio’s website, and the girls here are not tried out and over-fucked pornstars, but they are gorgeous fresh cuties who are doing a fine job while they try to get to the top. The scenes here are scripted and the whole thing is set up, which means that it’s not an amateur site with home-made porn, it’s a professional page, with fresh porn starlets. Accordingly to the age of the site and the focus of the company, the video quality is very good; most of the scenes are in either HD or Full-HD. All scenes on FirstBGG are exclusive, and you can’t find it on other sites outside the network which this site belongs to. The membership area is advertisement-free, and as you will see, you get a lot to browse if you become a member. The FirstBGG is part of one of the biggest network, the TeenMegaWorld. This network of sites offers the members hardcore porn videos, featuring stunning girls and covering a wide range of niches. The TeenMegaWorld consists of about 30 different sites, each having its focus on different niches and girl types. If you like fresh, natural girls from Europe, you will certainly appreciate this network. The TeenMegaWorld itself has been online for ten years, and during this decade in the online porn industry, it has grown into a really big network with very good videos and gorgeous girls. The network grows bigger and bigger, and it’s always expands with one or two new sites now and then. The particular site, the FirstBGG is the result of an expansion that took place back in 2011. Between then and now, the FirstBGG developed much, and nowadays it has really good collection of erotic and hardcore threesome movies. If you like that kind of videos which feature more than two people, then there are some other great sites within the network that you should check out. The Teen3Some offers you the usual kind of threesomes featuring one girl and two lads and as you may expect the videos here usually offers sucking, pussy fucking and anal sex too. Those who are wondering about the bonuses that they could receive by joining, can rest assured, because the membership on the FirstBGG makes you eligible to browse all TeenMegaWorld sites, which means more than 6000 videos for you, including some softer and heavier movies, and as for quality you may find some SD scenes, but many of them are in HD, Full-HD, and you can even watch 4K Ultra-HD scenes too.

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Design & Features

The tour page of the FirstBGG looks pretty good. It has a nice design, with some solid colors and a good layout. The main menu of the site is located under the heading, which shows the logo of the site and the network statistics. The menu itself offers you the chance to list the videos and the network sites, and if you wish, you can browse the models’ database too. There are videos listed on the tour page, you can find there the latest scene, the top rated scenes and also the list of the top rated girls. Each video is represented by large thumbnail, and if you are a member you can open them by clicking on them, if not, than you need to register to open one. In the members’ zone, you have multiple sorting options, like models’ name, categories tags, so listing those videos that really interest you, won’t pose any problems. While you are in there you should also check the download options too, there are plenty, and if you want, you can build up your own collection of boy-girl-girl porn videos. Online viewing should also prove a good option, because the stream is strong and the embedded player is pretty fast. The site also offers a picture collection, photo sets for each scene. The tour may not seem like its mobile friendly, but the members’ zone has a mobile version.

Girls & Videos

If you open up a scene, you will see that it starts with some teasing. Mostly the girls are playing with each other, and then when the guy waltzes in the cuties are releasing his pant-snake and give a good blowjob and then ride it until it blows. Usually, this is the story of all videos, but since you are here for the sex, you certainly don’t care about the story. The sex is very good, actually, and apart from the natural interactions, you can see some dildo playing and anal penetration too. The girls all look amazing; they are fresh and very hot. If you take your time and look around in the models database, you will see that most of the cuties have natural bodies, with nice perky tits, smooth skin and round ass. Since the models are all from Europe, most of them are Caucasians. Don’t expect to watch heavy hardcore porn on FirstBGG because these girls are not pornstars, they are just fantastic porn starlets, doing their best to set foot in the porn industry.


The FirstBGG provides you with some nice threesome movies, giving you a few exciting hours that you can spend here. The videos are all captured in high quality, and the environment they are shot is clean and bright, so you can see everything you want. Since the membership is also valid to the whole TeenMegaWorld, you should consider joining FirstBGG a real bargain. You should also check the other threesome-themed sites within the network between the updates that are coming regularly by the way.


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