Positives Attractive graphicsAttractive girlsContests for uploading the best photosSimple to use
Negatives Not a lot of free samples
Resume Easy to use site with a lot of variety. Plenty of fresh faces to choose from, and of course, plenty of jizz.
Paypal yes

A True Site for Cum Lovers

Jizzpix is the porn site to visit if you like pictures of girls with cum on any part of their body. It doesn’t matter if its their face, chest, hair, or stomach- this site has got the pictures of it. How do you know if you’ll like this site? Basically, if the idea of girls and cum is attractive to you, you’ll like the site. It features user submitted pictures and videos of girls and couples. It also does a pretty good job at making sure the models are actually attractive. Another good thing is that the site is actually what it says it is. It doesn’t lead you on- you come expecting to see pictures of girls with jizz on them and that is exactly what you will get.

Jizz porn video for freeReal Amateur Girls

One thing that really bothers me is when a site says that they have amateur girls, but they actually have low level porn stars pretending to be amateurs. The girls on jizzpix are not fakes. They are real girls that like to get naughty. Why is that such a big deal? Well for me, I personally like to look at girls I can imagine would be with me. I’m no super stud, so those porn girls just don’t do it for me.  I like to have realistic goals. These girls are realistic.

The Kind of Girl You’d Take Home to Mom

I think if it this way- have you ever daydreamed about having a good girl that does really naughty things with you only? These are the type of girls you will find on this site. I mean there are no boring back stories to read about, but looking at the girls you can tell that they are ordinary girls. They are not the professional porn girls, they are girls next door. They are the girl at work; they might even be your ex-girlfriend. What’s awesome about these girls though is that they are covered in jizz.

Easy to Become Part of the Action

Not only can you watch user submitted pictures and video on this site, you can also easily submit your own pictures and videos. Yes, it is that easy! If you have a girlfriend, or you are a lady that likes the look of the sticky white stuff on your body, you can send in the picture for the rest of the world to enjoy also. The site even lets you vote on the best user submitted content, and the winner receives a free year subscription.


Speaking of subscriptions, here are the prices to become a member:

Members enjoy unlimited access to all of the messy, user submitted vids and pics. The site also features a try before you buy option for only one dollar.

Make Some Money

Remember when I said this site encourages user participation? I was not kidding. Jizzpix actually pays for user submitted pics and videos. By simply clicking on the submit your GF link, you are taken to a page that clearly goes over everything you need to know to add your hot girlfriend to the collection. The site pays per picture or per minute for videos.

Make a Video – Get a Membership

If you are really creative, you can even earn a free membership for submitting a video to the site. Simply make a qualifying video and have your girl friend say that the video is made for the site and receive a free membership. The membership is worth $100, so it’s not a bad deal. Plus you get to show off all of your hard work!


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