Positives Amount of materialPorn starsContent formatsDownloadableLive showsLots of genres
Negatives No free trialMember prices
Resume Kick Ass is one of the top site's out there and is definitely worth looking at and becoming a member of.
Paypal yes

Kickass Review

Kickass calls itself one of the greatest porn pay sites in the world and it might be right. From the moment you access the site, you’ll open a megaload of content featuring some of the top current and retired porn stars. This site is all about high quality porn material in a variety of formats that is easily and quickly accessible for its members. Kickass provides condom-free material in multiple subcategories.

What Kickass offers

Whatever your porn viewing pleasure is, you’ll find it at Kickass. This adult website site has tons of HD porn videos, pictures, and live sex shows. They don’t skimp on the amount of material that you’ll have access to, and the easy-to-view tabs on the home page let you quickly filter to whatever section you are looking for: videos, photos, porn stars, or live shows.

The material is HD and exclusive content, so you won’t be seeing anything you’ve watched elsewhere. And Kickass gives you options. You can stream the videos from your preferred device or download the material to watch later. If you’re in the mood for a live sex show, there’s always something in that area and you can chat with performers as you watch them. Kickass and its network sites are also mobile friendly, so you don’t have to be at home on your computer to access your membership.

You’ll recognize many of the top porn models in the industry on this site, so you know that what you’re looking at will be studio quality. There are porn videos and photos of former starlets and plenty of material of the up and comers. Search for your favorite model and you’ll get all the material of her that Kickass offers.

Besides all of the online content, Kick Ass has an excellent DVD store. If you prefer to watch your porn on DVD, you’ll find your adult movie or series through this store. There are links to filter by series, stars, directors, blu-ray, and discounts. You can also search for a particular star or film genre with the search box. I really like the DVD summaries and list of models in the movies as well as being able to enlarge the box cover’s photo and play a porn trailer for some of them.

Extended Network of Sites

Kickass offers members an extended network of porn sites for you to view and enjoy. You get access to 20 different sites than Kick Ass. Included in the network are Porno 4 PortablesStop or I’ll SquirtMILF Does a Boner Good, and Barefoot Confidential, as well as more. Next to each network site listed is the number of videos and photos that the site contains and a short summary of the site’s genre. As you can see from the brief list of network sites, you’re not going to be disappointed with all of the offerings that Kick Ass and its network offer.


Kick Ass is a major player of porn sites. The material is high quality, the models are names you know, and there is more content than you’ll ever be able to view. With all of the daily updates and exclusive content, you know you are getting videos and photos that you’ll keep coming back to for your viewing pleasure. I’d definitely recommend Kick Ass as a site to check out and join.

Membership Plan Costs

Kick Ass memberships are monthly and not easy on the wallet for all of this high quality content. The site does offer 24/7 customer support, including email and a toll-free phone number to resolve any issues you might have.



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