Live Sex Asian

Live Sex Asian
Positives Great variety of ethnicities. All genders represented. Good quality audio and video.
Negatives It only features Asians.
Resume Great porn pay site that offers a large selection of amazingly cute Asian performers with all genders represented and a great quality both of audio and video.
Paypal yes


The LiveSexAsian is a sub-site of one of the biggest live cam show sites, and it offers a large selection of amazingly cute Asian performers. You can see for yourself if you open up the page, that it’s a modern and fast site that you can use to have fun enjoying some good performances of gorgeous girls. As may already know Asia is a huge continent and it’s not just Japan, China, Korea and Vietnam, there are a dozens of other countries there with different traditions and a lot of fantastic girls. So, if you are tired of always seeing the same Japanese girls online, you can find a large variety of Asian cuties on LiveSexAsian. So far, if you have gathered some prior experience, you may already know that the live cam sites have usually all genders represented, you can find girls, lads and transsexuals on almost all sites. This is one of the main features of these pages, because the large variety is very tempting, and this way those who have somewhat kinkier desires will be able to fulfill their needs. The girls you can find on LiveSexAsian are all cute, you can find here fresh meats in this field, and you may enjoy the professional and heavier hardcore performances of the veteran performers. Natural beauties and fakers also appear, so you may actually find all kinds girls here, from the ones with tight bodies to the BBW chicks. About the niches covered, you should know that there are all niches covered by the features of the performers, and while some of them are doing only the traditional thing, you can find a large number of girls (and lads) who may perform some kinkier things for you, including anal sex, dominating or submitting, feet fetish, or other fetishes too.

livesexasian-showDesign & Features

LiveSexAsian follows the main trends in the aspect of layout and design, since these trends are set up by the flagship site of the company that runs this particular website. Instead of a list, you get a large mosaic of varied sized thumbnails of the performers. It’s a fast and responsive system, and if you move the mouse cursor over one of the pictures you can see the live stream of the model, or if she is not online, or performs a private show you can watch her teaser video or photo gallery. The mobile site of the LiveSexAsian is responsive and loads fast. It offers all the same features as the desktop version. If you find someone you like, you can start discussing the details with her. There are also options for sending virtual gifts, add models to your favorites and check their full profile. Most models have teaser videos, and high quality photos that you can watch while she is not online, or before you start chatting with her. In the question of picture quality the LiveSexAsian is up to date. There are still some performers with lower quality cameras (those still give a good playback quality), but the majority among them have some professional near HD or actually HD equipment.

Girls & Videos

The LiveSexAsian will change your mind about Asia. In the porn industry, the Asian chicks are usually Japanese, Chinese from the US, though there are some other major ethnicities like Vietnamese, Koreans featured. In the world of the live cam shows, there are no boundaries, and the girls are coming from all directions, and from many countries of Asia. When you start browsing through the models, you will meet with a great variety among them, and if you are tired of the oh-so popular Asians ethnicities, you can enjoy the performance of some other really sexy Asian girls and guys. The models may be all Asians, but they are very different from each other. Naturally, they mostly have dark hair, but as you may have expected these girls differ in age and appearance too. There are two main body types on the site: skinny and fleshy; though the crummier girls are not fat and they are not BBWs, they just have some plus fat on them, but they still look amazing, and few of them could be considered average in weight. Most of the members of the site are here for the well-known kinkiness of the Asian girls (the Japanese porn videos created a stereotypic view of the Asians in the western countries), and they expect to see something heavy hardcore during the performances… in fact, they could even get it. The features of the shows vary from girl to girl, so it’s recommended to use the filtering option to list only those who can do what you want to watch. You may find here girls capable of doing everything you want from deepthroat dildo sucking to anal insertion, squirting or even dominating or submitting. Apart from the cute girls, you can enjoy the shows of couples too, so if you are someone who wants to watch real-time porn, seek out a couple (there are lesbian pairs too) and ask them to perform for you. When it comes to video quality the LiveSexAsian performs very well, and though there are not that much HD streams available, you can notice the signs of improvement on this field. The most popular models have really awesome equipment, with remote cam control, and HD quality. Luckily, the Internet provider of the site is a good one, and you can enjoy the shows without lagging; the playback quality is smooth and exciting, and not just the video, but the audio is excellent.


LiveSexAsian offers a large number of performers to browse from, and though it only features Asians, there is still a large variety among the girls. Since it belongs to the same company that runs one of the largest cam show site of the online industry, the LiveSexAsian offers some of the best Asian performers you can find online. The huge database ensures that you can find at least one performer who can make your fantasies, dreams come true, and it also provides an opportunity to you, to get the best out of your credits.


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