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MyAsian Review

At first glance it looks like just any other sex site but once you get into the videos you can see that there is a big difference. Not only are all the girls on this site Asian or at least half Asian but they have a lot of fetishes and you find yourself wanting to look at a lot more video and listen to a lot more squealing of the girls on this site .A lot of different positions and a lot of different ways of seeing sex.

Top Asian Porn Videos

I saw some good videos on the site. The “half Asian couple making love” was sweet but the videos being amateur are the best thing about them. The “big black cock with the little Asian” was unreal. His cock was about the size of her leg. The threesomes are fun to watch but the videos themselves are just better on this site if its two ladies and a man. It is hotter. The sex gets wild on this site, it becomes a little rougher than I had expected for a site about Asian girls and the lesbian videos are really good and they showed a lot, the whore ones were a little funny at times with the older guys.

Watching these fresh ladies doing their thing was kind of inspiring at times. Knowing the background on the these women and how in the past those Asian beauties couldn’t even enjoy sex. It is good to see that things have changed a lot. The cute Asian male giving oral sex and enjoying getting his balls and ass licked was good too. Piercings and tattoos along with fetishes like foot fucking, theses are some wild teens. They are having the time of their lives and they are doing it in front of the camera. You can pick from top rated, most viewed or longest videos to watch. You can type in the search bar if you are looking for a certain sex act and watch those videos first. Like say you are a guy or girl that enjoys watching lesbians, just type it in the space bar that says search me and my Asian and all the videos that are two girls having sex will come up in the video boxes and then you have you pick of which one to watch. You also have the option to just see photos taken by a lot of girls. Some just of them looking hot but some of them looking very sexy and nude, a lot spread eagle sharing all their assets with you. They are hot enough to make you want to watch the videos.

Real homemade videos

The only problem I had with the site was that some videos wouldn’t load. It would say it couldn’t be found or give me an error message. The only problem I had with the videos was that the camera was somewhere it shouldn’t be, it was set at the wrong angle and I couldn’t really see anything. It was all left to imagination. But these are amateur videos and it was to be expected. All in all the site is well done and categorized for your enjoyment. It has a lot to offer, especially if you are into Asian girls who like to suck cock and pussy and like to fuck a lot.


To view this site and enjoy all it has to offer you can become a member for just $1. You got it, you can try out the site for a day and see if you like it or you can use it to get things hot with just a 1 day trial for $1. You can get a month for .83 cents a day, that’s $27.95 a month or you can do 3 months for their cheapest rates of only .67cents a day paying $59.97 for 3 months of porn watching me and my Asian. Its a good sex site. You will enjoy it.


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