Positives Emo and tattoed girls
Negatives Not so many ebonies
Resume Good porn pay site if you love alternative girls
Paypal yes

On this site, I looked into just what is alternative and found its really no different than all the regular stuff done to get off. The videos are in pretty good taste and they can be seen in categories. The site is set up to search each category so that the thing you are looking for, you can find easily.

I hunted several categories the first being lesbians and found only 6 videos and they were not all showing the sex between girls which was a little disappointing. When I ask for threesomes I only got 1 video and it was with three girls but even that didn’t give me any desire to keep watching. The anal videos gave me 10 to chose from but they weren’t really different than any other I have ever seen. There was no fisting, no vibrators and no threesomes containing two men and a woman. All the things that I look for but what I did find was a lot of fucking in a lot of different positions by some girls who have a lot of piercings and like dark hair and make up. A lot of tattoos and a lot of orgasms. I guess that my preference of getting rough and nasty kept me from really getting anything out or this site. My want for all I can get in the sack and getting it has probably spoiled me and keeps me from seeing all this site may have to offer.

alternativeporn-movieAlternative sex may be the thing for them but I just don’t see the difference. If being tattooed and pierced means alternative then that is me and my man but if its a different way of sexual pleasure than I just don’t see it here. A few I did notice was some guys have the head of their dick pierced and that was pretty hot. I would imagine that the girl on the receiving end of that was done right.

The look is different but the ending is still the same. I guess this website just wasn’t for me. I didn’t find it appealing to the point of getting me turned on and therefore I cant really say I had a lot of enjoyment from it but that doesn’t mean you wont. If you have a thing for tattooed girls and guys with piercings and some with pink hair and tongue pierced then this site is just what the doctor ordered for you. Although my man and I both are tattooed and yet I just couldn’t see the oh so difference in us and them.

When logging onto this site keep in mind that you are going to see a lot of sexual positions and a lot of hard cock and maybe for you it will be a great turn on. The only way to really find that out is to give it a try. If you like porn then any trial for cheap you can get you should take. The couples in these videos are some really cool porn addicts that have decided to share their sexual experiences with us all to give us some of the pleasure they are feeling. When trying it out don’t just watch and wait. touch yourself, stroke your cock and rub your pussy and see if it gets you really going and gives you enjoyment and pleasure before making your mind up about he site. I just found it to be ordinary instead of alternative. You need to judge that for yourself. Just get yourself a days pass for $1 and make the decision based upon your liking it instead of wither I do or not. Either way enjoy and orgasm all you can.


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