Positives Lots of genres to choose fromSearch functionMany videos with several different girlsMobile appDownloadable videos and photosAffordable price
Negatives Designed for women; no MMCould be an overwhelming selection of videos
Resume Excellent price for the amount of content that you get.
Paypal yes

Penthouse Porn Review – Classic For a Reason

Everyone knows the Penthouse name. But while the name is a known classic, this is not your father’s penthouse magazine. It has evolved from something that could be enjoyed on paper to a product you can take along with you anywhere. Penthouse’s website is laid out beautifully, with easy no-frills navigation that will have you where you want to be in no time. With 4,084 photo galleries and 3,274 videos to choose from, and content uploaded daily, this web site is sure to give you your money’s worth. From asians to big tits to MILFs, there is something for everyone. With that many choices to comb through, it is worth mentioning that you will not be stuck browsing through every thing if you do not feel like it. They have an excellent easy to use search function that makes finding just what you are in the mood for with ease.

Penthouse Pets

Everyone who has heard of Penthouse has also heard of the Pets. They are as famous as the magazine’s competitor’s models, and just as vivacious. These Penthouse Pets are on the Penthouse website in all their stunning glory. They have everything from Lexi Belle to Nicole Aniston, to famous names like Sasha Grey. Their photo archive for Pets goes all the way back to Patricia Cherokee Barret in 1972. It does not matter whether you like blondes, brunettes, or redheads, with that many girls to choose from, there will never be any boredom with finding content. These voluptuous, beautiful vixens are sure to tantalize and captivate your undivided attention for hours.

What is so unique about Penthouse?

Not only do they have HD videos, they also have 3D porn. Yes, that’s right, 3D porn. Now you can put those 3D glasses to good use, with something more interesting than the next blockbuster film. And it is not just a few videos they have in 3D; there is over 1,000 and growing. Along with their high quality photos and videos, they have Penthouse letters, stories, and live cam chats for those moments when viewing a video may not be possible. Satisfy your craving for porn by reading a filthy story or chatting with a cam model who is live, active, and at your every command, just eager to please you. Via their porn portal, you will also gain access to Penthouse forums and two dating sites, one for alternative “kinky” lifestyles. With this much rock your socks off content to choose from, it is no wonder the Penthouse website scored a 9.5 out of 10 on all the best porn reviews that you can find.
Some examples of the videos you will get from subscribing to Penthouse: Tag Team Her, Filthy Hardcore Sluts, Foot Confessions, The Cheating Cop, and much more.


Penthouse has a massive selection of videos and photos to choose from in many genres, and several other perks that come along with their membership. They even have a mobile app so you can take your porn with you everywhere! Whether it be on your iPhone, iPad, Android device, or other mobile device, you’ll be able to download photos and videos, and access exclusive content regardless of where you are – even on a plane. And they have unlimited downloads of their videos and photos, so you won’t be constricted by data limits or “pay by the minute” type plans. This is one purchase that won’t disappoint you. If you want quality porn at an affordable price from a trusted name that has been around since 1965, Penthouse is the one to go with.


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