Prime Cups

Prime Cups
Positives Many different models. Good quality audio and video. It covers a wide range of niches.
Negatives Doesn’t have a mobile version.
Resume Great paid porn site for very big tits lovers, featuring hundreds of excellent videos and covering a wide range of niches.
Paypal yes


Many women are wishing for them, while all men are going crazy about them. These wonderful things are the reasons while porn is still going strong, girls are able built their careers and billions of men are becoming members of different sites. The bigger they are, the harder is your cock, especially if you like big tits, because in PrimeCups you get them. The PrimeCups is a sub-site of the PerfectGonzo network, and if you think about it, you can see that the names of the sites tell you everything about the content: you get amazing tits and gonzo porn. On this site, you can find a good collection of porn movies, captured in gonzo style, with excellent equipment, providing high-definition videos for the members. All chicks you can find the scenes are pornstars, mostly form Europe, so most of the time, you will only see Caucasian beauties. There are other kinds of girls, so don’t be afraid that you will see the same cunts all the time. In fact, there is pretty large variety among them, but maybe it would be better to let the numbers do the talking: on PrimeCups, you can find 170 movies, featuring 106 different models, so there is hardly a girl who appears twice in the videos. The membership on the PrimeCups is not just offering you hardcore porn and fantastic breasts, but it also gives you an opportunity to browse through the whole content ever produced by the PerfectGonzo. This means that you will be able to visit all 10 sites within the network, each focusing on different niches, and each providing you with heavy hardcore porn. Right now, there are 1839 movies distributed through the ten PerfectGonzo sites, but you can access them all from one banner-free membership zone, and you may enjoy these heavy hardcore movies without limitations.

Design & Features

Taking the tour on PrimeCups is a good way to become sure about the quality of the videos and of the sex happening in them. Apart from the nice design and the very easily usable menu, you can enjoy high quality trailers too. The site doesn’t have a mobile version, so this might be the only field that it needs to improve. Inside the members’ zone, you can search with an engine, though it seems to be able to search only be the models’ name. There are other opportunities to narrow the video list under the Action search option, which is a keywords based filtering method. You have various options when you find a video that you would like to watch. The first and most evident option is to watch the movies in the browser, using the embedded player. If you are more patient, for the best quality and somewhat better playback, you should stick with the downloading options that are offering multiple quality settings. The online viewing is a good option, because it offers you smooth playback and also very good quality with little buffering, but no lagging. The videos are all published with photo galleries.

Girls & Videos

The PrimeCups’s models are all professionals. The studio that shoots the movies seems to be located in Europe, and most of the girls are Europeans. Apart from that, they also have a lot of things in common: they look amazing, and they indeed have prime cups – their tits are large and it seems that they are still in their natural form. They are mostly Caucasians, and if you like European girls you will certainly like these cuties. Take Marina Visconti for example: she is hot, and she has huge breasts and amazing body. You can see her in four PrimeCups videos and you can take it for certain, that she is not boring at all. She shows her huge breasts, and then she always gets a nice pounding, and those enormous tits always get covered with jizz. Marina also made a video for another PerfectGonzo site; on AssTraffic she show her tits and gets here tight asshole widened by a big bag schlong. The PrimeCups currently has 106 different models in 170 movies, which provides a really good variety in the matter of the models. There are chicks, which made only one or two movies for this site, while others, like Marina, made four or more, and they are returning guests stars of the studio. If you take the tour on the site, you can enjoy the trailers, and you get access to the models’ index, so you can ascertain that these cups are really prime ones. On the PrimeCups, you will find 170 scenes. You don’t need to worry about the amount of fun, because these movies all last for more than 25 minutes, and the largest part of the videos usually runs for nearly an hour, so you can easily forget the short flicks and clips of other sites. Everyone who is looking for good sex should check this video collection on the PrimeCups. Though the scenes are staged, they don’t follow any particular script or story, this is only about sex. At the first few minutes, the girls usually show us their amazing boobs, sometimes they get them wet, and after their striptease, the real fun begins: they get fucked in various positions, like doggy-style, missionary, and cow-girl; sometimes they perform some more acrobatic things, and there is also some anal penetration, deepthroat, or double penetration. The movies on this site are covering a wide range of niches, so you don’t have to worry about this being a boring, vanilla porn site.


The PrimeCups shall prove to be a suitable choice for those who like heavy hardcore porn movies featuring chicks with enormous (and mostly natural) breast. It doesn’t matter if you are just taking the tour or you are already a member, you can see on the thumbnails and in the trailers that the folks at the PerfectGonzo are not joking when it’s about porn. The gonzo style videos put you right into the middle of the intercourses while the fantastic picture quality lets you see every detail. Since the membership is valid for the whole PerfectGonzo network, you will find it a good bargain too.


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