Positives Lots of materialNo DRM rightsStreaming and downloadingVideo gamesMany updates
Negatives Limited file formats
Resume Puuko is great for adult cartoon lovers. The site gives you lots of videos and photos to choose from plus fan art and video games.
Paypal yes

Puuko Is Hentai Finest

Hot Japanese animation is what Puuko is all about. This site gives you hot and wild hentai, doujin, and manga plus video games, too. Puuko bills itself as the ultimate hentai porn site and with this much material here and the variety of offerings, Puuko has to be a go-to place for hentai porn. The cute, freshly drawn Japanese cartoon porn models get in to all sorts of crazy action. The storylines are well-thought out, and you know the climax is going to be sensual and erotic. If you love cartoon porn videos, then Puuko has to be bookmarked on your computer.

What You Get

As of this review on the home page, the site lists 155 videos, over 900,000 pictures, 110 doujins, 397 mangas, and 24 games. That’s a lot of material for you to go through and enjoy. Most of the cartoon porn videos are dubbed into English, but there are some that are still in Japanese. The movies are taken from DVDs and can be either streamed online or downloaded.

There are no DRM rights so you’ll have access to the material on your computer for as long as you keep it. The site uses the MP4 format for streaming and downloading, so make sure you have a player for that file type if using a Windows PC. Most of the movies averaged around 25 minutes long.

The photo gallery is huge, with so many pictures to look at. They are high resolution and really crystal-clear and sharp when zooming in. You can view them online or download in zip files. Like much of Japanese porn, the pictures have blurred out parts of the girls’ boobs and vaginas. You can sort the pictures by Date added, Views, Rating, or Set Title. I don’t know if hentai fans are more discerning than regular porn viewers, but many of the user ratings were low and had a thumb’s down. I found many of the picture sets quite erotic and arousing. With animation there’s nothing but imagination to what the models can do. The illustrator can draw anything, so there were some quite unusual scenes through the pictures that you’re not going to see in live porn.

For some different kind of adult fun, try out the games section. These games get you right into the action with the cartoon models and offer a variety of options what you can do with them. I haven’t played many adult video games, but I find myself getting right into a few of the games on this site.

Extended Network

Puuko is a member site of the All Japanese Pass Network, and with your membership, you get access to 24 sites. Besides the hentai genre, there are tons of live-action sites on this network. All Japanese Pass offers tons of great Japanese adult videos. You can click on Japanese Nurses, Tokyo  Bang, Japanese Slurp, and Japanese Cosplay. This asian porn network is huge and has a niche for whatever you’re tastes are.


Puuko has a lot to offer in the cartoon porn genre. If you’re a fan of Japanese porn and animation, a membership to this site is definitely worth it. Besides the Puuko site of cartoons and games, you get the extended ones with the regular, live porn action. No matter where you navigate to, you’re going to be watching hot and intense Japanese porn doing all sorts of sex acts.

Membership Plans

For less than a hundred dollars, you can get a full year’s membership to Puuko and its extended network. If you’re not sure about the site, take a three-day trial and you’ll probably be signing up for an extended membership after taking a tour around the site and the others. That yearly price and the amount of material you get can’t be beat anywhere else. This site isn’t updated, take a look at this list of porn site reviews list.


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