She’s Gonna Squirt

She’s Gonna Squirt
Positives Brazzers' quality. HD videos. Big fake tits. Amazing performances.
Negatives No amateur.
Resume One of the best pay porn sites if you look for a mix of fetish and heavy hardcore sex, focused on the art of squirting.
Paypal yes


It’s a mix of fetish and heavy hardcore sex. Squirting is a somewhat rare thing in the porn industry, and the pornstars who are capable of doing that are well-known. The squirting requires a very high level of excitement and while a few shakes are enough for men to go off, the women need a very hard pounding, and because of that, the squirting is usually considered as a heavy hardcore niche. On ShesGonnaSquirt you can see all the squirting pussies of one of the largest online porn networks, the Brazzers. This word has no actual meaning, you won’t find it in any official dictionary, but in the online world it means big breasts, and it’s also an Irish word for whores. Enough of the grammar lesson, let’s go on with these squirting pussies. The girls in the videos are all pornstars of Brazzers, so you won’t find amateur videos here. Most of the models have big fake tits and nice bubble buttocks, and they do some really juicy sex. Actually, the videos are featuring really hard sex, covering some of the heavy hardcore porn niches, like monstercocks, anal sex (with monstercock), double penetration, and you can find here a lot of hard lesbian sex too. The video quality is very good, most of the videos offer at least 720p definition while there are lots of Full-HD scenes too. The access to ShesGonnaSquirt grants you a big package of bonus content. Since this is a site of the Brazzers’s network, as you may expect, you are granted a full access to the whole network, offering you more than 7000 hardcore porn movies of fantastic pornstars. If that is not enough for you, you can also enjoy some videos from the partners of Brazzers, and you may have a chat with someone gorgeous and horny.

Design & Features

ShesGonnaSquirt has a very simple tour page, and it has only thumbnails for you, though they are rather large and all of them are sharp, so if they indicate the actual quality of the videos, than you shouldn’t be worried about it. You surely have a smart phone or a tablet, and if you do, it’s just certain that you want to watch porn on those things too. Lucky for you, the ShesGonnaSquirt is optimized in a way. When you enter its address into the address line, you will be redirected to the mobile site of the Brazzers, where you can see the ShesGonnaSquirt videos listed first. The members’ zone where you land after joining is the center of the Brazzers network. In there you can find multiple options to help you find something juicy to watch, and you can also reach all bonus content form there. The videos are available in a Flash video stream that you can access with the embedded player. The stream is pretty good and the player is fast. All videos are also downloadable, you can choose from HD and SD versions, and between MP4 (for HD) and WMV (SD only). All videos are published with galleries, which usually contain photos and screen captions.

Girls & Videos

Since the ShesGonnaSquirt is a Brazzers site, there are some things that you can expect from this site: first and foremost, all chicks appearing in the scenes are professional pornstars of this huge network/studio, and since the squirting is a heavy feat, you won’t find here any beginners or first timers. Second, the word “Brazzers” is a slang word for big breasts, and on the ShesGonnaSquirt you will see many big fake tits, and those are not the only things that were upgraded on the models’ body: you will see some nice upgraded lips and ass to. Thirdly, the girls are coming from a studio that’s in good standing and it provides real hardcore porn, so you can anticipate watching some hard sex and amazing performances. The models you can find here are mostly Caucasians, but some of the meanest girls are Asians and Latinas, and if you think that you have seen cock craving women, then you are really mistaken, because the girls here are getting themselves fucked so hard, that they spray all over the place. These women are real professionals, and it’s quite sure that when you the least expect it, their bad girl selves will take over, and those “harder, harder” cries get a real meaning. The videos here are all shot in a professional manner, and if you like hardcore sex, you will like these scenes too. These videos have a script they follow, but the ultimate goal of the story is to pound that pussy so hard, that it sprays a large load of pussy juice all over the place. When you start watching the scenes, you may think that it’s only hardcore porn, and that there won’t be any too heavy things happening, but as soon as the real heavy sex starts, you need to hold on to your seat, because the girls get so hard pounding that it’s not just hardcore, but also fits into the rough category. However, don’t feel sorry for them, they are quite enjoying it, and there is nothing to show their excitement better than their screams as they literally cover everything with their cum. Every video is exciting and lasts for a really long time, the average playtime of them is more than 35 minutes, and during this period, they don’t stop, the girls’ pussy is rammed hard, and while they are at it, sometimes their asshole gets its fair share of stone hard cock.


The membership on the ShesGonnaSquirt offers you a large compilation of squirting videos, so if you are a kind of fetishist, or you just like heavy hardcore porn, you will surely appreciate the scenes of this site. Another main advantage of the membership is that you receive unrestricted access to the Brazzers Network, offering you more than 20 niche- or fantasy-driven sites, where you can enjoy more hardcore porn. This is the real deal when it comes to quality porn, because there aren’t much sites offering more than 7000 professional porn movies for this price.


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