Tainster Review

Tainster Review
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Tainster Review

This is an all round website that you even do not know where to start. But let me say that this is a porn community where the members can communicate to one another by posting their pictures and sending messages to one another. They do all this and they are as well supplied with a vast amount of porn content making the site be like a single community. When you get into this site you will have so much to do and probably you will have to start by making some friends and get to the porn content. The content available in Tainster is unique and only meant for the Tainster community.

Free clothed sex movieTainster tech

Tainster has got a very simple page layout that will enhance the browsing of the sites. There are various ways of going through the content here, first you can browse the pages, page by page or go to the sites drop down menu and select the site that you want to go to. Navigation is also enhanced by very large thumbnails that are available at every scene. For every scene you will see how the others have rated it and if you are interested you can rate the content.

There are over 3300 videos in Tainster network and it may seem that there are more, but you will realize that they have been divided into parts. There are also new videos that are added to the site often. The videos can only be downloaded and streamed using the mp4 formats. There are old videos that are in low quality but the majority looks good. When downloading the video you have got three options where you can download then in the highest option, medium or the lowest. The highest option is the one that will give you the best play backs. The videos are stunning more so the ones that are in full hd formats. The average length of the scenes is 20 minutes, but there are some videos that can go up to one or two hours more so the ones from large orgy sites.

The picture sets go hand in hand with the videos and they are in high resolution. There are over 3000 pictures sets. At times you will find out that some of the videos have got video caps. The images look great and you can download them in zip files.

To get to the members you have to create your own profile and if you are socially stable you can easily connect with the other members. Even though you are a community you will be required to pay more to check the live shows or the archived ones.

Tainster sites

There are 21 sites in Tainster and they include; slime wave, party hard core, pissing in action and drunk sex orgy. The sites will give you either orgy or original porn so it is you to decide. The sites though do not update their content daily when they update they bring forth several episodes. For instance, in the last one month they had updated 30 new episodes.

Tainster girls

The network is among those networks that has got outstanding women. The ladies here are gorgeous and they are featured in 3000 hot videos. They are up to the task and ready to entertain you. You have a chance to write a text to your favorite models in Tainster.

Tainster prices

For high quality content you should have to dig deep into your pocket. Tainster has offered some of the best discounts for you to access their content and they include a monthly price at $24.99, three months price at $64.99 and an annual price at 109.99.


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