Tiff Love

Tiff Love
Positives Hot, amateur modelClose up shots of entire bodyHi res videos and photosDownloadable contentPersonal blog
Negatives Very few updatesNot much content
Resume Tiff Love is a smoking hot amateur model that produces excellent hi-res videos and photos. For a personal web site, I'd recommend checking her out. She can really give you a satisfying evening.
Paypal yes

Tiff Love Wows

Model’s personal web sites are so hit and miss. There’s those that try to do it themselves or have a friend create the site, and you can immediately tell it’s low budget production. And there are the starlets who are doing their sites professionally. Tiffany Love is definitely in the latter category, and she’s bringing top quality content.
Tiff Love is a personal site with mostly solo videos of Tiffany getting herself off. She typically starts out in a scantily clad, enticing outfit: uniform, bikini, mini skirt, sundress. Once the clothes come off, Tiffany shows off her banging body and gets right into pleasuring herself.
There are plenty of sex toy scenes, pouring on body oils, and lots of pussy spreading and fingering. The shots include full body views of her on the bed or out on the lawn and close-up takes that zoom right in on her tits and pussy. She also offers a few scenes of her and a girlfriend in strip club action, mostly lap dancing, some kissing, and fondling.

What You Get

With a membership to Tiff Love, you’ll get lots of videos and photos of Tiffany. Videos are in hi res WMV, lo res WMV, MPEG, and Quicktime. The hi res ones are good HD quality. For a personal, amateur site, the camera footage is studio quality. There are no jerky or bouncing motions, quick cuts, or poor lighting. Videos can be streamed or downloaded.
Tiffany also offers lots of photos and includes more than just screen shots. You can watch the photos in a slideshow through the site or download them to a zip file. And each photo set has several shots, with many of them having 75+ photos in the set.
Tiff Love also includes a My Blog tab. Here you get a glimpse into Tiffany’s life outside the site. She writes about her daily activities: a day at school, taking her poodle for a walk, and oftentimes the gifts people give her. Some of the posts include previews of what might be coming up. The site provides a few updates, but not on a regular schedule. There are no time stamps for the videos and photos, but it looks like the content hasn’t changed in a while. However, the content you do get is definitely exclusive and personal. You’re not going to find Tiffany splashed all over the Internet.

Extended Network

Tiff Love is part of a small network. With membership on Tiff Love, you’ll also get access to CiCi Amor and Paris N Friends. With these sites you get a little more hardcore action with some one-on-one sex and blow jobs. So if after watching Tiffany for a while and you want to check out a hot blonde, see Paris, or for the more standard porn videos, see Cici, who gives you the hardcore.


Tiff Love is a hot, amateur model that creates some exciting videos and photos. She takes care of her body and the hi res videos show how smoking she is. I find there’s something intimate about spending time on a personal site. There’s a personal connection I get when I watch the same model in several scenes, and Tiffany Love is one model I can watch over and over.

Membership Plans

Tiff Love offers a couple of monthly memberships and no trial membership. You can pay by credit card, check, or Eurodebit, either online or by phone. Customer support is handled through email, phone, or you can submit a ticket online and the network will respond quickly to your technical or membership question. The website isn’t available anymore, read other porn reviews.


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