Will She Explode

Will She Explode
Positives It has got some exclusive content featuring a unique genre.
Negatives The amount of content available here is not so great.
Resume The site has got no impressive amount but with the quality you can try it out.
Paypal yes

Will She Explode Review

Will she explode with pleasure after a massive orgasm? Probably that the question you ask yourself when you join this site or read this title. You may be thinking in the right direction but you will be surprised that there are a few aspects that you missed. Will She Explode is a solo masturbation site where the models take on huge toys and dildos to play with. You will always catch your breath as you wonder how such a thing can happen. The models are full of talent and they take the huge toys with so much ease. If you love this kind of niche where models masturbate to an overwhelming orgasm then this is the site that you should visit. The models are not perturbed by the huge dildos they just shove them up their openings with such kind of expertise.

Will She Explode picture

User interface

Like many other competitive porn site in the industry today, Will She Explode as adopted the latest technology. They use the template that is used by the top porn sites and it has worked well with them. Navigation and browsing the site is just interesting. There are also previews that reveal the upcoming updates. The site as well allows you to sort thee content into various categories using the keywords available.


Browsing through the site I realized some of the photos have been photo shopped but the videos seemed to be real, absolutely the models do not fake taking up such massive rubbers. You will witness how they explode with powerful orgasms. You will not believe until you see it, that there is no one who hurts herself because they are all excerpts and enjoy the pleasure they get.

This site is a soft-core site giving you numerous masturbation scenes like no other porn site. You will have 32 episodes that are averagely 20 minutes long. The site is depicted as an up normal kind of masturbation as the models take huge toys such as giant rubber dildos, big black rubber dongs, huge glass toys and gigantic vibrators. It is unfortunate that you will not have clips for the videos you will have to view the full movies. Streaming is one of the options through embedded flash player. If you get interesting scenes you can save them into your computer through formats like wmv and mpeg. But if you want to experience the best quality play backs then user the wmv format. There is no downloading limits imposed on you once you join the site as well the videos are not protected by the drm.

Every videos comes with a set of photos. In every set there are about 120 images. The images are good to look at though some have been photo shopped. They open in high resolution and if you want to save them you can via zip files.

Will She Explode updates its content but not so often the reason for its small amount of porn content? If you get enough of the videos here you can get to the bonus content where you can get access to seven bonus sites including gagalicious, tag team tranny, tag hardcore smoothies and spitsters. They will offer you more content than you can probably want.

The girls

The site features only porn stars you will not get an amateur here because it takes real experience and talent to take on such gigantic toys. They are very gorgeous models who masturbate right before your eyes.

Prices – $0.67/day access to 8 Sites

There is a one day limited trial at $1.00. Then you can subscribe monthly for a discount of $27.95. They as well offer a three months price at $59.97.


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